Due to the Amid Coronavirus epidemic, many companies have adapted work from home, which has led to a surge in video conferencing app, for example, Zoom For Meetings, downloads in India. Employers are using these apps to keep in touch with employees and even hold team meetings. While there was a time when Skype was popular for these kinds of meetings. These days another app called Zoom has gained popularity. So, if you are planning a team meeting or your organization has adapted a video conferencing app, here is a complete guide.

Like the video calling apps including Google Duo, FaceTime, and Skype, the Zoom app is quite easy to use. Also, keep in mind that Zoom focuses on enterprise usage and features accordingly.

How To Download Zoom For Meetings

  • For Android user, download the app here
  • For iOS user, download the app here
  • Follow this web address for Desktop users https://zoom.us/

How To Use Zoom For Meetings

Once you start downloading Zoom For Meetings the application, and if you have a meeting invitation, simply tap on ‘Join Meeting’ on the sign-in page and then punch in the passcode/meeting ID. There are toggles to mute the audio and turn off the mic before joining the meeting.

Now if you want to use the app more and more, beyond attending meetings you’ve been invited to, you can sign up by providing your name and email ID. A zoom user can fill in basic job information about themselves, such as department, job title, location, etc. You cannot use the app until you verify your ID through an email confirmation step. Then, you can set your password (you can also add fingerprint ID) and you are all set. The homepage is easy to use.

Those who choose to create an account and can create their own meeting. This can all be done from Zoom’s home screen, where you can start a new meeting, join one, or schedule a future meeting with guests of your choosing, or use the meeting ID. You can share your screen in the zoom room. Any of your upcoming meetings will be marked on your home screen with reminders.


Video quality is good and has worked well on home Wi-Fi as well as 4G mobile data. By default, the app displays active speakers. If one or more participants attend the meeting, you will see a video thumbnail at the bottom-right corner. It looks like a good collage if, say, of 10 members. The meeting checks all the boxes of an official-person meeting, in addition to allowing you to mute audio, mic, and video.

You can share screens directly from your Android device, share photos, web and Google Drive, Dropbox, or box files, and easily invite phone, email, or company contacts, even if they are not zoom users. You can share files directly from your phone during a meeting and use the whiteboarding feature on your phone by typing a comment by your finger.

Other Features

The toolbar will appear with all the options to annotate – such as text, draw, arrow and so on. In addition, zoom, lets you record calls in the form of videos. You have to choose whether to use the local or cloud option. Zoom gives you the option to create break-out rooms for various people within meetings and even to add or remove members. Break-out rooms are separate sessions that you can break up your zoom meeting, and have up to 50 of them. Here, users will be able to meet in small groups with full audio and video capabilities and then come back together in large groups whenever they want.

You can also send zoom responses by clicking on the responses in the meeting control room, shaking hands or clapping with the people attending the meeting during the call. The response will last for a few seconds. The application lets you create recurring meetings. You can set call settings once and they will apply for all your meetings. You can join the call by tapping the meeting button on the home screen. All your private conversations with individuals and groups will be stored under the Chat tab at the bottom of your phone screen. You have the option of starring important chats, screenshot conversations and even starting a video call with someone you were chatting with.

More Features

The next best step would be to explore the video settings, which have options to look ready and office-ready for you (even if you just woke up!). While this feature is not on the app, it is available on the desktop version. Overall, if you are going to be working from home for a while, the Zoom teammates have plenty of video conferencing services and features to make your collaborative work easier. We would recommend that you try the app and buy paid plans, if necessary. Until self-isolation and social disturbances become a thing of the past, companies can urge their employees to take advantage of Zoom and its many features.

Compatible Devices

Zoom For Meetings works on all mobile devices, including those running on Windows and iOS. Zoom allows you to sign in on only one screen at a time. If you sign in to an additional device while logging on to another of the same type, the zoom will log you out of the device first.

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