YOU broadband customer care number 24×7 is very helpful to get your queries solved whether it is just an inquiry or a complain. YOU broadband customer care number is 91212 91212.

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YOU Broadband Customer Care Number 24×7

  1. The YOU broadband customer care number 24×7 is

91212 91212.

YOU Broadband Customer Care Number Email Id

To send an email, you first have to identify for which service you need support from the YOU Broadband care by email. They will respond in 24 hours of email. There are three options:

1.) General Support : To get the general support click below.

General Support

If the call center is unable to repair complaints related to the service defect / interruption within 3 days and all other complaints within 7 days, the customer can contact the complaining Nodal Officer and file their complaint.

Complaints related to defects or malfunction of the service or the interruption of the service will be repaired by the Nodal Officer within 3 days after the date of registration of the complaint. All other complaints will be resolved within 10 days from the date the complaint is registered.

If the Nodal Officer does not satisfactorily resolve the complaint, the person may appeal in duplicate to the Appeals Authority in the prescribed form (Appeal Form) within 3 months after the expiration of the aforementioned period of 3 days and 10 days respectively . The appeal authority may consider any appeal after the expiration of three months, but 1 year before the specified deadline if it is satisfied that there were sufficient reasons for not submitting it within that period.

The appeal authority will resolve the appeal within 3 months from the date of the appeal.

How To Contact Nodal Officers?

You can contact the Node Officer with your complaint in one of the given ways: Helpline / Email / Fax / Location You Broadband Office / Online Grievance Form You will receive a Registration Number Single Call and Estimated Time Complaint will be resolved. If the complaint is sent by email or fax, the call record number will be sent within the same business day of receipt of the complaint.

When the complaint relates to interruption of services and / or disconnection of services, it will be resolved within three days of the date of registration of the complaint. When the complaints are related to any other complaint, all those complaints will be redressed within seven days from the date of registration of the complaint. It can take up to four weeks to resolve billing complaints.

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