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Xfinity is a service provider and offers three basic services that include: Xfinity TV, Xfinity Internet, Xfinity Home, Xfinity Voice, and Xfinity phone. Xfinity is the most popular service provider in the United States country. The company does offer bundles of two or all the three categories.

We are here to help you out in reaching the Xfinity customer service support. Please note that, before making any call, text, SMS, or email, kindly check with the original website here. Xfinity has provided numerous ways to connect with its customers. We will discuss them one by one. You may opt for any method of contacting them.

Ways to Contact Xfinity Customer Service

There are a number of ways to contact Xfinity Customer Service which are mentioned below:

Chat With Xfinity

You can chat with Xfinity. You need to go to the contact page of Xfinity. There you need to click on the chat with Xfinity. Then a new pop-up window will open as shown in the image below. You will get 24×7 customer support with this.

Xfinity Customer Service Number
Chat With Xfinity (Image source: Xfinity)

If you are an old customer of Xfinity, then you need to sign in to your account. If you are a new customer then you need to click on the I’m a new customer. This is how you may get solved your queries by Chat with Xfinity.

Find an Xfinity Location

With the help of this option, you need to go to the Xfinity Location of the Xfinity website. There, you have to click on Find an Xfinity location. Then, you need to enter your location in the top left corner or you may use “use my location” option there. It will automatically fetch your location. It will help you locate the nearest Xfinity store.

Xfinity Store Locator (Image source: Xfinity)

Xfinity Status Center

You may also check the Xfinity Status Center to view your connection status. There you can check the quick possible solutions for the issues you might be facing.

Apart from the methods of contacting Xfinity Customer Support, you may Visit their Help Communities. There are four ways by which you can contact them

  1. Messenger
  2. Twitter
  3. Reddit
  4. Xfinity Support Forums

You can access these help communities by visiting the support page of Xfinity and then you may choose any of the options suited to you as shown in the image below.

Xfinity Helpline Communities (Image source: Xfinity)

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