The X22 Report is a daily program that reports on the economy and the political and geopolitical climate. X22 Report use the research and the source of all the documents to provide you with facts in an environment where mainstream media tends to present opinions without evidence.

This report is for “The People”, citizens of the world who want freedom and be able to earn a living and support their families. There was a disconnect between what the X22 Report experienced years ago and what the mainstream media was reporting to be true. This prompted the creation of the X22 report.

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It began as a mission to discover the truth, the truth that the mainstream media wanted to hide behind opinion, drama and propaganda. Here at X22 Reports, they take fact-finding very seriously. All of their reports contain links to sources so that you can access the information as well.

Each daily report takes a lot of time and research so that we can give you the facts. They need to come together. We need to know the truth so that we can do better and exercise our rights as enunciated by the founding fathers in the Constitution.

The Size of this app is 5.2MB and it is developed by Secure Server TV. Minimum requirement for android is Android 4.1. It is rated 4.7 star out of 5 on amazon in Customers review section.

X22 Report Product Features

  • X22 Report provides the Daily Report for the benefit of The People
  • They provide the Reports regarding the geo-political climate, economy and political.
  • Their reports are always supported by the source links.

X22 Report Reviews

The reviews are based on internet research on many platforms.

  • Clear and concise. App itself is easy to navigate runs smoothly and provides the content on a variety of today’s topics.
  • Very positive, encouraging and refreshing.

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