5G Phones

These days, 5G technology has a hype in the industry and new 5G phones are getting launched. Recently, the telecommunications company Airtel launched the commercial 5G service in Hyderabad. Now there is some time for 5G technology to arrive and in such a situation, it is very important to know about this technology.

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5G Technology

First of all, we will tell you that bandwidth is called space, which is provided for users to use data, from downloading files to watching videos. With the introduction of 5G technology, bandwidth will increase and devices will run faster. Apart from this, many users will have the possibility to use the Internet simultaneously. The special thing is that the speed will not drop at all if more users use the Internet.

With the advent of 5G technology, the data speed will increase considerably compared to 4G. Using this technique you can download videos in 8k format in a few seconds. Furthermore, this technology may revolutionize the fields related to factory robotics, autonomous vehicle technology, machine learning networks, clean energy technology, and advanced medical equipment.

What else will change by 5G?

After 5G, the whole system around you will change. In 5G, the low latency means that the response system of any device will be extremely fast. In 4G, this time is 50 to 100 milliseconds, but in 5G it will be one millisecond. This speed is 300 times faster than the blink of an eyelid, which means that any command you give will be in real time.

The machines will talk to each other after 5G hits. You will work on your own by issuing an order. Think of it as if he had gone from Lucknow to Delhi for some work, but after arriving in Delhi he remembered that he has not closed the refrigerator and the inverter in the house. So this 5G will make it easy for you. You will give a command from your smartphone and it will be followed at home hundreds of kilometers away in less than a second.

After the arrival of 5G, the world of medical science will change completely. Sitting in a corner of the world, the surgeon will be able to perform the largest surgery on any patient. The robotic arm will be used for this. The doctor will perform the operation after looking at his screen. With virtual reality technology, you can spark your imagination.

Why 5G phones in India are launching?

The speed will be much higher than 4G. Its great advantage will be in the transmission of video and data transfer. The 5G network would be the biggest example of better use of the radio spectrum. After 5G, you will be able to watch 8K videos on mobile devices. People will get high speed internet, which will be a boon for the smart city and smart home. Currently, the speed of up to 45 Mbps is available in 4G, but the speed of the 5G network can be up to 20 times faster. The 5G network will operate in the high frequency band, that is, from 3.5 GHz to 26 GHz or higher.

Competition to capture the 5G Phones market

Prabhu Ram, Head of Industrial Intelligence Group at Cyber ​​Media Research (CMR), on the launch of 5G smartphones in India in advance, says that 4G smartphones with 5G support will appeal to those who love the latest devices in the world. In such a situation, looking at the future of 5G, people will buy 5G smartphones, so as not to have to upgrade their 4G phones to 5G in the next year. At the same time, the question is that when India doesn’t have a 5G network right now, why are smartphone companies launching 5G smartphones

Actually, these companies want to consolidate their place in the 5G mobile market, so looking to the future of 5G, 5G compatible smartphones are being introduced in India. It should be noted that 2021-22 will be the 5G market in India. In such a situation, these companies have already started to prepare for it.

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