The meaning of FUP is “Fair Use Policy”, enforced by mobile network providers, in which they establish a limit on the minute usage of calls or Internet speeds for intensive users. This is done to prevent excessive use or misuse of services by some users, which may lead to unavailability of services for other users. This FUP limit is mainly set for unlimited usage plans so that the user does not go beyond the prescribed limit. If the FUP limit is exceeded, the Internet speed decreases or the outgoing talk time stops. To continue use, there are applicable fees upon crossing the FUP.

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Nowadays, The demand for data and its application has increased since the worldwide epidemic. For users who require additional data, telecommunications companies have plans to help those who work from home.

The Meaning of FUP limit Types

Pre FUP Limit

When a customer recharges a data pack, the received speed is called the Pre FUP limit. Like Jio, customers get 1GB, 2GB, 3GB high speed daily.

Post FUP Limit

You can come up with an idea with the name Post FUP when the client’s speed after the set limit is called Post-FUP. They have the opportunity to use the Internet, but its speed is slow.

FUP Data Plans from Reliance Jio, Airtel and Vodafone Idea or Vi

Indian telecom operators like Bharti Airtel, Vodafone Idea (Vi) and Reliance Jio provide additional data through recharge packages. Nevertheless, these carriers also offer plans that give users more data on their main prepaid plan. We list all Airtel, Jio and Vi Fair Maximum Use Policy (FUP) prepaid data plans for you.

Reliance Jio FUP Data Plans

Reliance Jio offers several plans that provide users with daily data from 1GB to 3GB. While we often read about cheaper plans from Reliance Jio and others, the 3GB plan is perfect for many people who rely more on their mobile networks for data consumption than wired broadband.

Reliance Jio’s 3 GB daily top tier plans come at Rs 349, Rs 401 and Rs 999. All plans come with 3 GB daily data and offer users unlimited voice calls without any interconnect usage charge (IUC) which used to be there earlier. In addition, users get 100 SMS / day and a free subscription to all Jio applications. After FUP data consumption, the user speed drops to 64 kbps.

Airtel FUP Data Plan

Airtel also offers several 3GB daily data plans. These plans are priced at Rs 398, Rs 448 and Rs 558. All plans get unlimited voice calls, 100 SMS / day and 3GB daily FUP data. Amazon Prime Video mobile version for 1 month has free OTT benefits and other Airtel thanks benefits on all plans.

Free Disney + Hotstar VIP membership is also offered to users for 1 year in the Rs 448 plan. The Rs 398 and Rs 448 plans are valid for 28 days, while the Rs 558 plan is valid for 56 days.

Vodafone Idea FUP Data Plan

Vi provides maximum FUP data with three prepaid plans: Rs 801, Rs 601 and Rs 401. All these plans come with 3GB daily data, provide users with unlimited voice calls and 100 SMS / day. Additionally, each plan also comes with a “binge all night” offer along with Vi’s “Weekend Data Rollover” offer. Disney + Hotstar VIP for one year has free OTT benefits, as well as Vi Movies and TV subscriptions included in all plans.

I hope you got an idea of the meaning of FUP in Jio or other telecoms.

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