You must have seen a lot of Reward Points Apps, Cashback apps and also used them. Every time we shop online we want something in return as rewards.

Today we are going to talk about one of those rewards offer app which is known as “CRED” app that provides reward points to the credit card owner.

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What is a CRED app?

The CRED app is an application that allows you to add and pay for multiple credit cards. The CRED application is very good for those people who are credit card holders and whose credit score is good.

We generally do not receive anything by paying by credit card, but you can earn many discounts and rewards by using the CRED app. With the CRED, you can check your credit card payment, expiration date, expenses and uses, and monitor them.

There are two types of reward points that you can earn with the Cred app.


As long as you pay the credit card bill, you will get coins equal to that amount. For example, if you make a payment of RS.1000, you will get 1,000 coins. You can collect coins by paying every month and increase the coins.

Many of these offers are available on the credit app and require high coins to redeem.


You can also get gems using the Cred app, this is a different kind of currency. Gems you get when you refer this app, you get 10 gems from a referral, when someone signs up from your referral, you get 10 gems.

What is CRED App
What is CRED App

Benefits of the CRED App

Let us know what are the benefits of cred app

  1. Receive reimbursement in the payment of invoices

You can earn a refund using the cred application called cred, as long as you make more than 1000 transactions. Sometimes you will earn a cash back amount, sometimes you will get scratch cards that you can put into your account.

  1. Discount offer

The CRED app has partnered with many companies so that they can offer you discounts every time you make a payment using the cred app.

  1. Credit coins and redeem gifts

You can earn credit coins by making a credit card payment and shopping online with the currency. Once you get good credit coins then you don’t need to spend money out of pocket, you can get many important benefits by using those coins.

  1. Gems by Recommendation

You can get gift vouchers from Amazon, Uber, and other websites using CRED Gems. Credit gems are provided to you when you refer the application.

  1. Credit score and credit report information

You can check your CIBIL for free using the cred app and check your credit history. You can view your payment history, credit card usage, and credit card history.

How to install the CRED application?

If your credit score is good, you can use the CRED app. To get CRED app membership, your credit score must be above 750.

  • Download the CRED App
  • Then, you need to enter your name, mobile number and email id.
  • Verify with the mobile number.
  • Check you Credit Report.

If you do not get the CRED membership then you need to improve your credit score and apply again, please note that you register in the credit application only with the mobile phone number that is used in the bank account.

How to add a credit card in the CRED application?

When you are signed in to the credit application, you will see the credit application home screen, where you can get your credit card information.

You will need to verify your card by putting the last 4 digits of your credit card, cred, you will deposit Rs. 1 into your account to verify the card, to make sure there is no problem on the card.

How to pay with the CRED application?

Paying the credit card bill with Cred is very easy, go to pay now, enter your amount and choose to continue. Information about the amount of the invoice, the amount owed is present in CRED, you can pay with upi, net banking, debit card.

After paying the credit card bill, you will get credit coins and remove the scratch card on the reward.

Is the CRED app safe?

With the payment and money back application, there is a concern that if this application is secure, you will also have the same question whether the cred application is secure.

The cred app never asks you to enter a CVV or card expiration date, this information is never taken from you, so you can feel secure.

Nowadays, data theft and hacking have become common, in such situation, adding our financial data anywhere is not safe, in such situation, we have to use such services carefully.

Note: The Cred app does not get the expiration date or CVV information from you.

The conclusion

Cred Hindi App Benefits offer you many good deals and discounts. All users who use credit cards, who have a good credit score, are profitable. You can use the cred application at your own risk, many people enjoy good benefits from using the cred application.

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