The latest must-have social media app is called ClubHouse. It is an iPhone-only application that allows you to host and connect audio conversations with other users. The thing is, it is currently by invitation only, although it will eventually open for anyone to join.

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What is a Clubhouse App?

The clubhouse was launched as an iOS app in April 2020. It is described as a “new kind of voice-based network.” Its popularity recently exploded after being featured on the app by Tesla CEO Elon Musk.

Since it’s invitation-only, you can’t just download the app from Apple’s App Store and sign up. When you can install and open it, the app only allows you to register interest and reserve a handle. From then on, send out a blog post detailing to all interested users while they have to wait for an invite.

How to join the clubhouse?

The creators of the clubhouse say they want to work to make the app available to everyone and available as soon as possible. This is not a special application. It is currently in beta as the general release version is not ready yet. The clubhouse says it wants to grow its community slowly to make sure “things don’t break down, keep the community fabric diverse and allow us to grow the product as it grows.”

Because of all that, you can’t easily join a clubhouse. It is by invitation only, so whoever wants to join must be brought in by someone who already has an account. You can download the app, reserve an identifier, and put your name on the waiting list, but then you have to wait.

How does a clubhouse work?

Since the clubhouse is known to be a place to meet, interact and share ideas, the application is very basic. It allows you to create and join “rooms”, where you can chat with others on a conference call. You also cannot share images, videos, or text. Everyone can speak. Users can join and leave the room or call at any time. When you open the app, you will see a list of “rooms” as well as the list of who in each room.

You can join the room by tapping on it; all are open for you to enter or exit. The clubhouse wants patrons to explore various conversations. If you want to speak, you can “raise your hand” and then the speaker can choose to invite you. Clubhouse rooms are typically hosted by experts, celebrities, venture capitalists, journalists, etc. You can also make your own room.

The clubhouse says it also hires moderates to ensure the stage is a place for free speech, but also for healthy dialogue.

Does the clubhouse have an Android app?

Not now but the app will eventually open to everyone, including Android users.

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