7 Top New  Features in Android 13

Android 13 has many changes and improved the user experience by upgrading. Here are 7 Top New  Features in Android 13 are given.

1. Enhanced Privacy

There are several improvements have been done on what photos and gallery items that a app can access when permission granted.

   2. Improved       Copy and Paste

In Android 13, when you wanted to copy the content, a small floating panel pops up at the bottom and it will be easier to copy and paste.

3. Fewer Notifications

In Android 13, apps must ask for permission before they can start sending you notifications.

4. Quick QR Code Scanner

In Android 13, Pull down the notification and tap edit (the pencil icon) to go to Quick Settings, and you can drag the QR Code Scanner onto your panel.

5. Smart-Home Controls on the Lock Screen

In Android 13, You no longer have to unlock your phone to access smart-home controls from the lock screen.

       6. Double Tap       for Flashlight

In Android 13,in pixel phones, Google has added support for the flashlight

       7. Different Languages for Apps

In Android 13, For multilingual folks, you'll be happy to see that you can now pick different default languages for each app.