Vi Family Postpaid Plans

Vi Vodafone Idea Family Postpaid Plans has raised prices for postpaid family plans across India. To recall, Vi raised the prices of the postpaid family plan in some postal circles a few months ago, and now, Telco has introduced the same plan nationwide. The prices of two basic postpaid plans have increased from Rs 598 to Rs 649 and from Rs 699 to Rs 799. Previously, both plans were available in five circles: UP East, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, Kolkata, and Maharashtra and Goa. New users looking for a Vi family postpaid connection can subscribe to a Rs 649, Rs 799, Rs 999, Rs 948 or Rs 1343 plan. Recently, it was reported that Vi is considering a price hike delay, but the operator’s move would surprise analysts.

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Vi Vodafone Idea Family Postpaid Plans

As stated, the Rs 598 postpaid family plan will now cost Rs 649 per month, while the Rs 699 family plan will be priced at Rs 799 per month. Prices do not include taxes.

Vi Postpaid plan Rs. 649

As a benefit, the Rs 649 family postpaid plan offers two connections (a main connection and an additional one). Receive unlimited voice calls with 80GB of data (50GB for primary connection and 30GB for secondary connection) and 100 SMS per month.

Vi Postpaid plan Rs. 799

Then comes to a Rs 799 postpaid family plan, it comes with three connections (one primary and two add-ons), 120GB of data (60GB for the primary connection and 30GB each for the secondary connection). The Rs 799 postpaid plan also offers unlimited voice calls, 100 SMS per month and free OTT subscription.

Then we have Rs 948, Rs 999 and 1,349 postpaid family plans.

Vi Postpaid plan Rs. 948

The Rs 948 postpaid plan is basically a Rs 649 personal entertainment plan and an additional Rs 249 connection, which means it offers benefits for two connections. Primary connection users can enjoy unlimited data (capped at 150GB per month, while secondary connection holders will get 30GB per month. Worth knowing that users can add a total of five additional connections to the plan from Rs 948. 249 rupees per month.

Vi Postpaid plan Rs. 999

Vodafone Idea’s Rs 999 family postpaid plan is the best option to get right now as it offers five connections (one primary and four secondary). The total data mileage presented by Telco is 200 GB (80 GB for the primary and 30 GB each for the secondary).

Vi Postpaid plan Rs. 1348

Finally, we have a family postpaid plan of Rs 1,348, which again is a combination of the REDX plan of Rs 1,099 for individual users and an additional connection of Rs 249. Holders of primary connections get unlimited data benefits, while holders of Secondary connections can browse up to 30GB of high-speed data.

All plans offer Disney + Hotstar VIP membership for one year, Amazon Prime membership for one year, and Vi Movies and TV membership. All postpaid family plans come with the 200GB data transfer feature for the primary connection and 50GB transfer for the secondary connection.

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