The Best Cheap Headphones [July 2020]

There are plenty of options available for headphones in the market to choose from. We have selected the best cheap headphones on the basis of information on the web and customer reviews on various sites. Below is the list of The Best Cheap Headphones that come under the range of Rs. 2500.

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Detailed Overview of The Best Cheap Headphones

1. Behringer BH 470

An impressive design that’s very laid-back and paired with some of the best sound arrangements we’ve heard in a pair of inexpensive corded cans, the Behringer BH470 stands out as the cheapest headphones in its price range.

Behringer somehow managed to manufacture them from solid metallic materials, even with a matte finish and brown synthetic leather added to the mix for a more elegant look. Small details like adjustable 9-knot headband tracks and spoiled components make Swiss Audio Engineer value build quality.

The only thing that makes it more important is the audio display that the BH 470 excels at. The bass dominates the sound stage without compromising the maids or the treble.

The stereo image is even more impressive, making jazz songs and live recordings immersive so you can listen to more instruments. The really cool thing about these headphones is that they can be modified at the user’s discretion.

 2. JBL Tune 500

The JBL represents the best cheap headphones below the $ 100 mark, and the Tune 500 is one of your top picks. Tucked under a tough, flexible plastic frame are JBL’s patented pure-base drivers that eject critical bass.

The bass response is a lot of thunder. Soft, padded headbands and headbands relax the equation, allowing users to enjoy the music longer.

Unfortunately, headphones (like many wired models) don’t come with volume control, so you’ll need to do this manually on your smartphone or MP3 player.

Fortunately, the sound is not distorted or unbearable when listening to high volumes, although other people around you will hear the sound bleeding from the compartment.

3. JLAB Studio Wireless

Equipped with 30 hours of playtime, Bluetooth 5.0, and three built-in equalizers, which you can toggle as you like, Gelab Studio Wireless offers versatility at such a low price.

There’s nothing to say about the audio, but each serialized mode (realtime, balanced, and bass boost) slightly improves sound quality when paired with the right style of music. The bass boost will give more boost to EDM and hip-hop songs. Being able to use the Google Assistant or Siri to do voice commands is a good feature.

Micro-USB is not the end of the world as much as we prefer to charge USB-C here, especially when you get a full charge for an average time of one month.

One concern we have with these headphones is exposed cables, which can tear when hooked on something. You want to get them out of your bag. When you do this successfully, you will see why they are a worthy investment.

4.Koss Porta Pro

These old-school cans provide incredible sound, hard to beat for the price, creating transparent mids and highs with warm, full bass and solid detail.

The only thing more pleasant than sound is comfort, as the foam earpiece and lightweight frame rest gently on the head without any unwanted pressure. And how can we not love the nostalgic design that recalls the days of cassettes and CD players?

Because they have an open ear design, the Port Pro Bleed emits a high sound level, making the headphones better reserved for listening at home or in different areas.

Integrated thin cables also present a problem as they can easily explode and render the headphones useless. For those who are suspicious of the Porta Pro, this annual solution will be a remarkable action.

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5.HPS3000 Studio Headphones

The Behringer HPS3000 studio headphones deliver cleverly light, airy vocals, with song-based sparkling strings, crisp percussion and booming bass. This makes them a great choice for bass monitoring when mixing at home or in the studio.

We found that on very heavy bass tracks, listening to at least the maximum volume can cause a slight attrition. It is also good to see that they come with additional accessories such as 1/4 inch jacks and 1/8 inch jacks, so you can plug them into other instruments such as a stereo system, mixing console, or guitar amp.

A little heavy and ugly design can be done because it does not make these headphones modern or convenient. The HSP3000 was also not designed for noise isolation, as ambient sounds penetrate the sound and affect clarity when listening to music in noisy environments.

6.Audio-Technica ATH-AVC200 SonicPro

Audio-Technica’s historical résumé is everything one needs to try it out on these low-priced studio monitors. The SonicPro ATH-AVC200 lacks the features and style it definitely makes for sound. The bass hits hard and blends easily with the vocals for crisp, consonant audio.

The drums sound perfect, while on heavy orchestra recordings the instrumental separation is excellent; Hi-hats and cow bells will go unnoticed. Despite their great frame, these headphones feel very light and the weight ratio is excellent, keeping them stable on the head and preventing them from slipping.

We don’t really like the slim pads, which provide the comfort and quality cushioning of other models. If your interest in these headphones is really high, we recommend looking for third-party ear pads that are compatible with SonicPro ATH-AVC200 for the best experience.

7. MPOW H7 Bluetooth Over-Ear Headphones

If you have searched Amazon for some of the best cheap headphones then there is a good chance that you have come to MPOW. Arguably the H7 is the company’s best creation, backed by a long-lasting battery (18 hours on a full charge) and a vigorous base that will shake your skull.

Comfortable ear cushions also create a strong seal to prevent sound. The H7 supports multipoint technology for pairing headphones with two devices at the same time.

Unfortunately, distortion becomes a problem on maximum volume listening. While it is very good at audio, the H7 is not big in build quality, as the cheap plastic build seems too weak for larger headphones. Separately, the H7 still offers a lot of value for its low cost.

8. Sony MDRZX110 Series Stereo Headphones

Only when you don’t question the craftsmanship and sound quality of the headphones when Sony’s name is inscribed on it. Look at the MDRZX1000 for an example. These short corded compartments are not only stronger but do not catch bass.

They are like having a small subwoofer for your head that produces rich, pulsing bass. We realized that headphones work best with heavy styles on the low end, such as hip hop, house and EDM.

However, on country and rock tracks, some of the bass sounded artificial. Also, within 15 minutes of wearing these headphones, I felt noticeable pressure around the tips of my ears. Sony sells two versions of the MDRZX1000, one with and without a microphone, but the latter has an additional $ 5 value for answering phone calls.

9. Plantronics BackBeat 500

The Plantronics Backbeat 500 is an excellent choice for the price. Battery life is its biggest draw as it generates 18 hours of playtime on a single charge and has a deep sleep mode that can hold the headphones on hold for six months. You are getting surprisingly good sound from these headphones that compete with models in the sub-luxury range ($ 150 and up).

The athletic-inspired design is lightweight and durable, but the headphones don’t provide the most comfort after 60 minutes of use. It also lacks the sweat-proof aesthetic of the Backbeat 500 Fit, which is not a big deal unless you plan to train it with your head. They can also benefit from better insulation, as external sounds reach the ear canal.

10. Anker Soundcore Life Q10

Anchor stands for affordable headphones – wired and wireless. The Life Q10 is the brand’s best deal for under $ 50, spoiling high-performing owners in multiple categories. The battery life is a maximum of 60 hours, which is something that we have yet to see from any other model at this price.

The headphones also support fast USB-C charging to generate 5 hours of playtime on a 5-minute charge. With Bluetooth 5.0, you can stream music wirelessly up to 50 feet from your audio device. Plush padding on the earbuds makes the earbuds comfortable for about 1 to 2 hours.

The Life Q10’s default signature is decent, paying attention to the mids and highs, but accentuating the bass to produce darker bass. Anchor has programmed a bass mode that should boost bass levels, but this feature is very strong, resulting in unpleasant distortion.

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