This article Succession Season 4 Review will provide the review. Succession is a TV show that tells the story of a wealthy and powerful man whom everyone tries to take down, despite the fact that they look up to and seek his approval. The show has been on for three seasons and repeatedly emphasizes that no matter how hard the characters try, they can never truly defeat this man. This creates a feeling of hopelessness for the characters and viewers alike.

In the fourth and final season, Succession doesn’t take many risks and sticks to its established formula. It plays up the dynamics between the characters that fans have come to love, but doesn’t introduce much that’s new or exciting. While this will likely please diehard fans of the show, those looking for a bold new direction may be disappointed.

The beginning of Succession’s fourth season feels like a return to the show’s first season. It highlights the power dynamics between Logan Roy, a billionaire media mogul, and his children who are all ambitious and have their own issues. Kendall still wants his father’s approval the most, especially since he’s often been the heir apparent to the family’s news empire. Shiv is smart and cunning, Roman is a dirtbag but knows how to play the game, and Connor is trying to find meaning in politics.

In the previous season, Logan shut out his three youngest children, which brought them closer together. But in this season, the show focuses on their personal conflicts and whether they’re truly committed to defeating their father together. The siblings are still a team, but the show questions their unity and ability to win.

Shiv’s husband Tom caused the Roy siblings’ last attempt to overthrow their father to fail, so now only her brothers are on her side. Gerri, who was the temporary CEO, no longer has any affinity for Roman, and Kendall is seen as an outsider. The fourth season reinforces what makes the Roy children feel alienated from others and from each other. Despite the fact that Logan plans to sell to GoJo’s Lukas Matsson, the Roys siblings still second guess one another, and the show revels in their tragicomic interactions. There are some funny and poignant moments, but the show feels like it is stuck in a holding pattern and reluctant to move forward. The reluctance to change does not serve Succession well as it approaches its finale.

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