A lot of Smartphone companies are in India. India is the world’s leading and second-largest smartphone or mobile market. India’s smartphone market is dominated by the two largest mobile companies such as Samsung and Apple, but the same other Chinese smartphone companies in India and Chinese mobiles such as Vivo, Oppo and Vivo Brands like mobile are also selling a lot. let’s know about some of the most popular mobile brands in India.


Make- India

 Micromax is the largest domestic mobile handset company in India and also the largest mobile handset vendor. which has opened its market to Hong Kong and now Nepal too! It has become the fastest-growing mobile brand in India and is also a leading provider of data cards.


Make- India

Karbonn Mobile brand is a leading Indian mobile device manufacturing company, which is a seller of feature phones, smartphones, tablets and mobile phone accessories! Karbonn Mobile also has tie-ups with major telecom players like Airtel, Vodafone, Idea and Jio.


Make- India

Lava International Limited is an Indian multi-national company in the mobile handset industry, it is working towards setting up a mobile phone design centre in India and setting up new manufacturing facilities!


Make – India

Intex Technologies is an Indian smartphone, consumer and IT accessories manufacturer, and is also India’s second-largest selling mobile phone company by sales!


Make – India

IBall is one of the very popular Indian electronics company headquartered in Maharashtra which develops mobile as well as computer devices, smartphones and tablets.


Make – South Korea

Samsung is the most popular Korean mobile company. Samsung dominates the electronics market not only in India but all over the world. This South Korean company launches the newest and attractive smartphone in India for less money!

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Make – United States

Apple is a well-known American technology company that designs, develops and sells products such as consumer, computer, mobile and watch. It is also on the list of the five largest technology companies in the entire world, with the remaining four being Amazon, Google, Microsoft and Facebook.


Make – China

Xiaomi Chinese mobile company sells mobiles in many countries other than India and it is also called Apple of China! It is a major smartphone manufacturer in the Indian market and for India, Xiaomi is not only the second-largest mobile market in the world after China but also TV and other consumer electronics market!

The Redmi brand is the flagship budget smartphone owned by Chinese electronics company Xiaomi, which is very popular in India and this company sold more than 150,000 units in India online in 2017.


Make – China

OnePlus Mobile is also a Chinese smartphone manufacturer which unveiled its first mobile in India in 2014 through the Amazon site. Today OnePlus is one of the top five most popular mobile companies in India. and they also have a big plan to open a service centre.


Make – China

Oppo Electronics is also a Chinese company that mainly manufactures and sells mobile, smartphone and some other consumer electronics goods. It was just the sponsor of the Indian cricket team in the 2019 World Cup in England.


Make – china

Vivo Communication is one of the top 10 smartphone manufacturers in the world. and entered the Indian mobile market with great decency. Vivo was also the title sponsor of the Indian Premier League cricket game.


Make – China

Huawei is also a Chinese multinational technology company that sells consumer electronics. Which also includes telecommunications equipment and smartphones. it is also in talks with the government to launch 5G in India!


Make – China

Realme is also a well-known Chinese smartphone manufacturer that has made a foray into India’s mobile market shortly before and launched its first product exclusively on the Indian market on Amazon India.


Make – China

Lenovo was the first to make computer-related products, acquired mobile phone handset manufacturer Motorola. and has also ventured into the design, development, manufacturing of smartphones, computers and tablets.

Motorola was previously a United States electronic equipment manufacturer bought by the Chinese company Lenovo and now designs develop and manufactures personal computers, tablets, smartphones, under Lenovo.


Make – China

Gionee is also a Chinese smartphone manufacturer based in Shenzhen. It has expanded its mobile phone to other markets including India, Taiwan, Bangladesh.


Make – Japan

Panasonic is a Japanese electronics corporation and the latest mobile Eluga smartphone was launched in India in March 2019. It also manufactures washing machines, refrigerators, mixer-grinders and other home appliances for the Indian market.


Make – South Korea

ALG Electronics is a South Korean company which is the world’s second-largest television manufacturer. It is also the third-largest mobile phone manufacturer. and it is also the main producer and seller of AC and washing machines in the Indian subcontinent.


Make – Finland

Nokia Corporation is a multinational communications company that was the largest seller of Android smartphones. Also, mobile phones and accessories, making it one of the most popular brands of earlier mobile phones in India.


Make – Taiwan

HTC is a Taiwanese electronics company making Windows-based smartphones. and launching its Android operating system mobile in many countries with competition from Apple, Samsung Electronics.


Make – Canada

Blackberry, originally a Canadian company that was a manufacturer of smartphones, tablets and services and used to be one of the world’s foremost smartphone vendors.

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