In this article, we will get to know about the Smartphone buying guide that is how we can select the right smartphone for us. Everyone wants to have a good smartphone that has all the latest features and also fits their budget. Also, what else do you need? If you are thinking about this too, you will get a new smartphone, but you are confused about what to consider before picking up the phone. Below are some tips to eliminate your confusion listed below. It will help you buy a good smartphone:

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Tips for buying a good smartphone

The processor, RAM, operating system, screen size, camera, and many other things are taken into account before buying a new smartphone:


Today, dual-core, quad-core, and eight-core phones are there in the market, but most phones get just 1GB of RAM, so the problem of hanging up the phone when installing more apps, if you get a 2GB RAM phone with a quad core processor on the budget then it will be a better choice.

Screen Size

In India, phones with larger screens are more popular, but smartphones with larger screens have trouble operating with one hand, due to the large screen, it also drains the battery quickly. So keep this in mind regarding the screen size of the smartphone you want to take.


Now comes each resolution made on the mobile resolution screen is made of many small dots called pixels. The higher the number of pixels, the clearer the image will be on the mobile screen, the lower the maximum number of pixels, the quality of image will be lower. You can choose the resolution according to your budget, however on today’s budget phone 720 * 1280 HD phones are available:

  • VGA – 640 × 480
  • SVGA – 800×600
  • QVGA – 320 × 240
  • Quarter HD or qHD – 960 × 540
  • HD (high definition): 1280 x 720
  • Full HD (high definition) – 1920×1080 pixels
  • HD ready (720×1280)
  • Quad HD (1440×2560)
  • Ultra HD 4K (3840×2160 pixels)

Operating system

In terms of operating system, you can choose between Google’s Android, Apple’s iOS and Microsoft’s Windows. Along with some new operating systems like Linux and Firefox they have also been released. If your budget is higher, you can choose iOS, but for this you only have to carry Apple’s iPhone. You have many branding options for Windows and Android.

There are three major operating systems on the market that are Android, iOS, and Windows. In addition to this, smartphones with Cyanogen mode, Firefox and many softwares are available on the market today. iOS is limited to iPhone only, so if you choose any of the popular Android or Windows operating systems, please note which version is present on the smartphone.

Internal memory

The more internal memory you have, the more data you can store, if you are going to get a phone that does not have a memory card slot, please choose a phone with at least 16GB or 32GB of internal memory, if the memory card slot is If you have the facility, you can also carry a phone with 8GB or 16GB internal memory. But in this, see how much expandable memory is, that is, how you can increase your memory.

Phone Camera

How can you forget the camera, nowadays, because of the selfie, videos, the quality of videos and images have increased. With a good camera on the phone, you can take photos from anywhere, it works just like a digital camera. Smartphones have cameras that range from 2 megapixels to 108 megapixels. Now you have to choose which megapixels you want to buy.

Mobile Service Center

Don’t forget to get information about the service center before spending money. The fault can come in any phone. If the service center is not nearby, you can have many problems.

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