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China’s famous smartphone maker Realme launched its first Realme Buds with its Realme X2 in India in December last year. This ear Buds of the company has claimed to give users compact design, battery, latest features, and great sound quality. The look of these earbuds resembles Apple AirPods to a great extent. Many people have also called it a copy of the Apple AirPod. So let’s know if these earbuds are really worth buying?

Realme Buds Air

Price and availability of Realme Earbuds

Realme has priced earbuds at Rs 3,999. Earbuds are available for sale on the company’s official site, Amazon and Flipkart. At the same time, people will get the option of White, Yellow and Black color in these earbuds.

Specification of Realme Earbuds

Talking about the specification, the company has given Bluetooth 5.0 for connectivity in the earbuds. Also, chip R1 is supported for better performance. Apart from this, users will get support of two mics in it. At the same time, these buds have a base boosted driver of 12 mm.

Realme Buds Battery

The company has claimed a 17-hour backup regarding the battery of Realme Buds. Also, it takes one hour to charge this device.

Design and special features of Realme Buds

The design of Realme Buds is very similar to Apple’s earbuds. The weight of the box of this earbuds is four grams, so that it can be easily carried. At the same time, these earbuds are very lightweight and compact, which easily fit in the ears, but there is also the fear of falling due to no gripping. Realme earbuds works on dual-channel technology. This means that users can also use their single buds.

Talking about special features, users will get support of touch gestures in it. With this touch gesture, users will be able to play or pause audio and video by tapping once. Also, tapping three times will cause the music to skip and Google Assistant will be activated if you hold it for two seconds. At the same time, the gesture of this Buds works very fast.

Not only this, users will get game mode in it. Users can activate this mode by pressing both the buds at once. After this mode is activated, users will be able to enjoy playing the game. In-game mode, the audio base becomes higher than before and surround audio is available.

Realme Buds performance

The sound quality of Realme Buds is very good. Along with this, users will be able to listen to songs of their choice with tremendous boost and bass. However, users will not get quality with Apple’s ear Buds in it. At the same time, the 12mm sound driver is behind Apple’s superior sound quality. This driver produces this better sound. Not only this, users will get a noise cancellation feature in it.

There is no problem with connectivity. It is connected to the phone as soon as it is removed from the charging case. The sound is very clear. Talking on the phone is also satisfactory. If users listen to the song on high volume, then they will not get better sound quality. At the same time, its voice starts to burst a bit. Apart from this, the company has given special technology in this device, which causes a music stop when an earbud comes out of the ear.

Realme Buds Conclusion

If you are thinking of buying Bluetooth earbuds for yourself, then you can choose earbuds of Realme. Because you will get features like noise cancellation and gaming mode in this year bud. Its design is premium. The look of this earbud is quite attractive, although the battery disappoints you.

You can buy it from Amazon, Flipkart, and its official website.

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