Kotak Securities Customer Care Number is a must if you experience any problem and have any query to get it resolved. The Kotak Securities Customer service number is 1800 209 9191. Below are the methods by which you can contact customer care which includes: Customer care numbers, email, SMS and Kot Bot. We will discuss all of them one by one.

Kotak Securities Customer Care
Kotak Securities Customer Care

Kotak Securities Customer Care Number

Customer Service – 1800 209 9191 (Monday to Friday 9:00 am to 6:00 pm)
Call and Trade Team – 080 4725 3255 (Monday to Friday 8:30 am to 5:30 pm)
NRI Clients – 022-66896000
NRI Call and Trade – 022- 66896400
Whatsapp us at: +91 7738988888 /+91 7738788888

Kotak Securities Email

For General Queries email at [email protected]

For Demat Queries email at  [email protected]

If you are existing customer and wanted to get solved the queries at its earliest kindly mention the client code along with you queries.

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SMS Request Codes

You have to type the message as given below and then send the SMS to 5676788 from your registered mobile number.

Shift from ‘security key’ to ‘access code’ modeKSQ <SPACE> <Type client code> <SPACE> NSK
Dormant account activationKSQ <SPACE> <Type client code> <SPACE> DORMANTACT
Digital contract noteKSQ <SPACE> <Type client code> <SPACE> DCN <SPACE> <DDMMYY> <TO> <DDMMYY>
Digital DP Bill-cum-Transaction statementKSQ <SPACE> <Type client code> <SPACE> DBTS <Type the Month and year in MMYY format>
Digital DP transaction statement (Previous)KSQ <SPACE> <Type client code> <SPACE> DPST <Type Financial Year>
Holding statement with valuationKSQ <SPACE> <Type client code> <SPACE> DSOH <Type Financial Year>
Digital Financial StatementKSQ <SPACE> <Type client code> <SPACE> FS <Type Financial Year>
Digital Profit and Loss StatementKSQ <SPACE> <Type client code> <SPACE> PL <Type Financial Year>
Digital Gain and Loss StatementKSQ <SPACE> <Type client code> <SPACE> GL <Type Financial Year>
Digital Capital Gain StatementKSQ <SPACE> <Type client code> <SPACE> CG <Type Financial Year>
Money repayment requestKSQ <SPACE> <Type client code> <SPACE> MRT <Type AMOUNT in Rupees>
Register a complaintKSQ <SPACE> <Type client code> <SPACE> <Type your Complaint>
Request for updation formsKSQ <SPACE> <Type the name of form>
Request for ledger balanceKSQ <SPACE> <Type client code> <SPACE> LBAL
SMS facility activationKSQ <SPACE> <Type client code> <ACT FSMS* / TSMS* / CSMS*> <SPACE> <MONTHLY / YEARLY*>
SMS facility deactivationKSQ <SPACE> <Type client code> <DACT FSMS* / TSMS* / CSMS*>
New PIN requestKSQ <SPACE> <Type client code> <SPACE> NPIN
Web Password requestKSQ <SPACE> <Type client code> <SPACE> WEBPASS

Kotak Securities KOT BOT

You can also chat with for your queries but the timing are 9:00 am to 6:00 pm during the weekdays.

For more info check Kotak Securities official site.

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