The free JioMeet video conferencing application (video conferencing) has been launched by Reliance Jio, entering the budget market to give a tough competition to the ZOOM application and Google Meet (Jio Meet VS Google Meet). There was a discussion about the launch of this app, but now it has finally been introduced in the market.

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Reliance JioMeet (JioMeet VC app) holds direct calls (1: 1 call) as well as meetings with 100 participants. According to Reliance Jio (Jio VC application), this application provides enterprise-level host control. You can subscribe with your phone number or email ID. Let you know that you are going to watch meetings with HD quality support. This application is free for all, through this application your meetings will also be safe. In addition, you can also have unlimited meetings in a single day.

While this product, JioMeet (jio video call) was also on hold for a long time, you can use it directly through your browser, even if it tells us that you can use it at the same time (using Chrome or Firefox ). It also has built-in apps for Windows, Mac, iOS and Android. You will find its link on Jio’s site.

JioMeet says the app also supports multi-device login on up to five devices, and can easily switch between devices when making calls. It has features such as a safe driving mode feature as well as screen sharing.

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How to use JIO MEET

  • For this, you must first download Jio Meet from Google Play Store or Apple App Store.
  • After this you should open the app, it will show you a login page.
  • Here you will request to log your email.
  • After this, when you register, you will have to log in via an OTP.
  • For this, you will also have to enter your mobile number here, and in this, you will get this OTP. You can log in through this OTP.
  • When you reach inside, you can use it very easily, because its user interface is very easy.

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