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On Wednesday, Mumbai based telecom company Jio has announced that Jio Starts Charging 6 Paise/Minute Voice Call to Other Networks. Before that, there was a debate on IUC ( Interconnect Usage Charge ) and both Airtel and Jio reduced the ringing time for outgoing calls to 20 seconds. We will discuss every aspect one by one in detail.

What is IUC ( Interconnect Usage Charge )?

IUC or Interconnect Usage Charge is the charge or amount that one telecom operator has to pay to other telecom operators if customers make an outgoing call to other telecom operators. For example, If a Jio customer makes a call to Airtel user, then Jio has to pay 6 paisa per minute. This charge is governed or regulated by the TRAI ( Telecom Regulatory Authority of India ) and currently, it is 6 paisa per minute.

Why Jio is doing so?

IUC is regulated by TRAI and it is 6 paise per minute. Jio has told in his press conference that, they had paid nearly 13,000 crore rupees to other telecom operators due to Interconnect Usage Charge. Now, Jio wants to impose these charges on the customers and that is why Jio Starts Charging 6 Paise/Minute Voice Call to Other Networks. The operator also announced that this charge is valid till TRAI reduced this IUC charge to zero. Hopefully, the IUC charge will be zero by early 2020.

New Jio IUC Plans

Reliance Jio has announced four new IUC top-up vouchers; valued between 10 to 100. The operator also told that they will provide extra data benefits for its users to compensate for the IUC charges. Also, the same charges will be imposed on postpaid users and free data entitlement will be given to users as per IUC plans. The plans are as follows:

IUC Top-Up voucher (Rs.)IUC Minutes (Non-Jio)Free Data ( in GB)


This announcement from Jio made users pay more money with their packs. Other telecom operators might also charge IUC charges from their customers as well as the Jio is doing now.

Note: If you have already recharged on or before 9th October, you can still enjoy the free call benefits to Non-Jio users till the validity of your plan.

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