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Reliance Jio has finally come up with a new offering for new and existing JioPhone users. The idea behind JioPhone is to convert 2G feature phone users into 4G phone users, and Telco succeeded in doing so. Reliance Jio today said that JioPhone has ushered in an era of change for feature phone users in India; The telecom company has successfully upgraded over 100 million users on the JioPhone platform. That said, JioPhone’s craze seems to be over, as Telco reports very few monthly subscribers. To drive new user acquisition, Reliance Jio has offered ‘JioPhone 2021’, under which existing users can get 12 months of service for just Rs 749, while new JioPhone users can get one year or two years of service for Rs. 1,499 or Rs 1,999.

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Customers using Jio Phone 2021 offer Rs. With 1,999 Jio phones, you can use unlimited voice and data calls for 24 months, without the need to recharge. It is important to note that this offer will bring 2GB of high speed data allowance per month for its 24 month validity. Post that mapping, the data rate will drop to 64Kbps.

If a user is not willing to leave for 24 months, then Existing Jio Phone users can choose unlimited voice and data calls (2GB per month high speed fee) for 12 months at Rs. It is 749.

JioPhone Specifications

Released in July 2017, the Jio phone is Jio’s first 4G feature smartphone. It works with KaiOS and has a 2.4-inch screen. The phone indeed has a 2-megapixel back camera and a 0.3 megapixel selfie camera. Apart from this, Jio Phone is compatible with applications including WhatsApp and YouTube.

This is not particularly the first time that Jio has made an offer to attract feature phone customers to its Jio phones. It also introduced a Jio Phone gift card, as well as an exchange offer for customers of existing feature phones in the past.

Jio has partnership with Google in development to manufacture low-cost Android smartphone.

JioPhone 2021 is available for new and existing users

Typically, Reliance Jio outperforms existing JioPhone users every time it launches a new offering, but this is not the case for telcos retaining current users. According to the country’s largest telecom operator, users of existing feature phones continue to overcharge as they are forced to pay Rs 1.20 to 1.50 every minute for a voice call at a time when smartphone users enjoy unlimited calls. Let’s take it. In addition, Airtel and Vi customers will have to pay a minimum fee of Rs 45 to 50 each month to keep the connection active and to get basic telecom services.

To resolve this issue, Jio introduced the “JioPhone 2021” proposal. New JioPhone users will get two options while taking the connection: The first option is Rs 1,999, under which they will get JioPhone device and 24 months free service. For a full 24 months, users can make unlimited voice calls and consume unlimited data (2GB is capped at high speeds each month and can be reduced to 64Kbps after that). Jio did not mention the benefits of SMS and said that users do not need to recharge for two years.

The second option is priced at Rs 1,499 and a 12-month unlimited service with free JioPhone device is also available. Benefits include a single unlimited voice call every month and 2GB of high-speed data, for a total of 24GB.

Existing JioPhone users can get the same package for Rs 749 for 12 months. The offer of JioPhone 2021 will be applicable to all Reliance Retail and Jio retailers on March 1.

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