Jio Glass

Jio Glass was represented at the 43rd Annual General Meeting of Reliance Industries Limited (RIL). It is a mixed reality headset that can be connected to your phone for video calls, 3D video conferencing, and more. “Jio’s latest innovation, Jio Glass, is at the forefront of technology providing the mixed reality services to provide users with a truly meaningful immersion experience,” said Kiran Thomas, RIL President at AGM.

Jio Glass Specifications

These Glasses weighs only 75 grams. It is like any other program that you can apply to your eyes. For this, the company provided sensors, cameras, etc. Jio Glasses will allow you to feel the three-dimensional world by connecting to a mobile phone.

This new Jio device supports all types of audio formats; cables are not provided. In this sense, the company also provided 25 types of mixed reality applications. Such as entertainment, learning, games, shopping, etc. However, Reliance has yet to announce the price of Jio Glasses.

Jio Glasses can also be very useful for teachers and students. Thanks to this, they will be able to enjoy a virtual 3D classroom. At the same time, if the teacher has to tell the student about the Taj Mahal, the pyramid, etc., then thanks to this she will be able to explain well to the children who use 3D technologies.

Reliance did not provide much information when launching Jio Glass. It is said that in the near future the company will be able to provide information on its price, features and other advantages. At the same time, no information about this was revealed until Jio Glasses went on sale.

Reliance Industries launched Jio Glasses, a smart mixed reality (MR) glass, at its 43rd annual general meeting that was practically held in the wake of the epidemic that enables users to connect with the world around them.

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Beginning of Jio Glass

A lot of things are still not known about this Glass, such as its price and availability. We do not know the extent of the capabilities. But thanks to the AGM demo, we know many things about the features and functionality.

So here are the top Seven things you should know about Jio Glasses:

Top 7 Things

  • In terms of design, it looks like a combination of Bose Frames and Snapchat Spectrum. However, unlike the spectrum in which two lenses have two cameras, Jio Glass has a camera in the middle. Additionally, the Jio Glass has two smart glasses, a built-in speaker and a battery that is securely stored within two feet. Bonus: It weighs only 75 grams.
  • The glasses do also come with a cable that will let you connect your phone with the internet.
  • Jio Glass do already support 25 apps as of now and the Jio company says that it will be adding support for more.
  • In terms of functionality, Jio Glass works with mixed reality. This means that users can interact with other people during a conference call, joining them in their 3D avatar or in a common 2D video call format. In addition, users share and view content on a large virtual screen that is somewhat similar to the Oculus VR headset.
  • In terms of audio and video, Jio Glass supports HD quality video and supports all standard audio formats.
  • If you wanted to make a video call via Jio Glass, you just have to give a voice command saying, Call say ABC. Users will be having an option to join in 2D as in regular video call or in 3D. Users could also be able to share the documents and presentations on a virtual screen during these holographic video calls.
  • Finally, Jio Glass seems compatible with voice commands. While the company did not explicitly state this in the demo, Thomas was only able to call Akash Ambani and Isha Ambani by asking Jio, which is possibly the sign word for the virtual assistant that triggers Jio Glass to do so.

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