In this article, we will tell you How To Use Your Smartphone as TV Remote. Now, not only mobile phones, but even television have become smart. Previously, where you had to pay a large amount to buy Smart TVs, Smart TVs have also become common and are available in the better quality smart TV market with a budget of Rs 15,000.

As the screen on these TVs gets bigger, their remote controls get smaller and less buttoned up. A new trend is being created in the market and low button TV remotes are being manufactured. But there are many users who have trouble using this type of remote control. Especially when you have to write something.

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But do you know that this remote control small button problem with less button can also be solved through your own smartphone? You can also control Smart Android TV via your smartphone and you don’t need to keep the remote control nearby.

If you are thinking that the phone must have an IR Blaster, then it is no big deal to do so. So let us tell you the trick to turn your phone into a TV remote control without an infrared emitter. Your SmartPhone will become the remote control for SmartTV and there will be no need for any battery cells, etc.

Other tasks, including writing, will become very easy and if the remote is broken or damaged, this trick will prove extremely beneficial in that situation. Below we have told you how to turn your smartphone into a TV remote control.

Follow these steps

  1. Open the Google Play Store on your smartphone and download the Android TV Remote Control application.
  2. Open the application and also turn on the TV you want to operate.
  3. Now both your Smart TV and your SmartPhone must connect to the same WiFi. For this WiFi you can also use the hotspot of any other phone.
  4. Find the device in the Android TV remote control application and select the model number of your Smart Android TV when it appears.
  5. Once the TV model is selected, a PIN number will flash on the TV screen, put it in the app.
  6. As soon as the pin matches, both your smartphone and your smartphone TV will connect to each other.
  7. Now you can use your smartphone as a remote control and control your Android TV through the app.

How does Smartphone as TV Remote work

Let us know that now most Android TVs equip their remote with Bluetooth and IR blaster technology. Due to these connectivity options, the TV remote control remains connected to the TV even when at long range and at a side angle and the TV can be operated by voice command.

The application that connects the phone to the TV also uses the same connectivity and being connected through the same WiFi connection, the smartphone and SmartTV are synchronized together. Explain that through this technology, smart light bulbs, smart fans, refrigerators, and devices like Alexa and Google Nest also work.

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