Want to know how to install iOS 15 before it’s publicly available? Check here

If you have an iPhone or iPad and can’t wait to try out iOS 15, Apple’s latest mobile operating system, you can install the public beta now. Announced at WWDC 2021, iOS 15 won’t be fully released to the public until the fall, but that doesn’t mean you can’t run it now.

Before you rush to install the beta version of iOS 15, just know that it’s pretty stable from my testing so far, you might not want to run it on your main device. Apps you trust are not working, from random reboots, to AirPods issues, everything can happen when it’s in beta stages, so make sure you agree with that before proceeding.

If you’re okay with a few (potential) iOS outages in the next few months, here’s how to install the iOS 15 beta on your device.

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How to Install iOS 15 Beta

As always, the first step is to make sure that your device is compatible with iOS 15. This year, any device that can run iOS 14 is also compatible with iOS 15, which means something newer than the iPhone 6S. Then it’s time to back up your device to iCloud, in case you need to go back to iOS 14 in the future.

Back up your things:

  • Open Settings > Tap your Apple ID at the top of the screen
  • Once inside your account, go to iCloud > Scroll down to iCloud Backup and activate the option
  • Then, tap Back up now

Now that you’ve backed up your valuable data, it’s time to get the beta.

How to Install iOS 15 Beta

  1. Open Safari from your iPad/iPhone/iPod Touch and go to the Apple Beta software site. You will have to do this in Safari as it will not work in any other browser. Sign in with your Apple ID information and accept the Terms and Conditions.
  2. If you don’t have a developer account, go to the beta profile and download the beta profile from its link.
  3. Then enroll your iPhone/iPad device by downloading the iOS 15 Public Preview Profile
  4. Scroll down to the Install Website Profile section, tap Download Profile, and tap Allow in the pop-up window
  5. Once downloaded, go to Settings and tap on the new section, Downloaded Profiles, at the top. then install profile
  6. Your iPad / iPhone / iPod touch will reboot to complete the profile installation.
  7. After the reboot is complete, go back to Settings > General > Software Update to install the iOS 14 public beta update.

You will now have the beta version of iOS 15 and your device will receive iOS 15 updates wirelessly, so you won’t need to do anything manually. You’re likely to get an update every two weeks before it’s fully released, or perhaps less frequently, as COVID-19 precautions have slowed development time everywhere. Enjoy accessing the new features in front of everyone before the full release of iOS 15 in the fall.

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