In this article, we will discuss How To Enable Vowifi Calling. Reliance Jio, Airtel and Vodafone Idea are the only three private companies left in the Indian telecommunications industry. Reliance Jio and Airtel have started their 5G trial in the country and Jio has achieved internet speed of up to 1 Gbps in India. In this 5G network race, there is fierce competition between Jio and Airtel and recently, Reliance Jio has announced JioPhone Next in collaboration with Google, which has been described as the cheapest ultra affordable 4G SmartPhone in the world. In order to stay ahead of the competition, these three companies claim to have strengthened the network to attract their users, but still, these companies have also introduced such a facility for their users, with the help of which they can perform voice calls. even if there is no network in the phone.

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If there is no network on the phone or there is less cell service, but in such a situation, the technology that has been invented to make or receive voice calls is called VoWiFi, that is, WiFi calls. Here VoWiFi stands for Voice over WiFi. Reliance Jio, Airtel and Vodafone Idea, the three telecommunications companies, have rolled out this service for their consumers in the country, so mobile users can easily make voice calls at no additional cost in the case of a poor network.

What is VoWifi calling?

Wi-Fi Calling- VoWiFi stands for Voice over WiFi (WiFi = Wireless Fidelity). Generally, when a call is made or received from your phone, it is over the cellular network. VoLTE is a step ahead of Voice over LTE (LTE = Long Term Evolution) in this technology, in this type of calls it is made through the WiFi network, for this network SIM is not required. That is, even if there is no signal on the mobile, the call can be connected via WiFi connection. For this, together with the activation of the telecommunications service, it is necessary to have WiFi calls enabled on the mobile phone.

How to enable VoWiFi calling on your phone

  1. To activate VoWiFi on both the Android smartphone and the iPhone, go to the Settings menu of the phone and look for the connection option.
  2. Here you will get Wi-Fi calling option, turn it on.
  3. After enabling this setting, connect the mobile phone to any existing WiFi network.
  4. If VoLTE and VoWiFi options come here, turn on both, it will be better.
  5. Now you have to make a normal call, if the signal is weak, the phone will automatically switch from the mobile network to WiFi and the call will continue on VoWiFi.

Note: The option to enable VoWiFi may be different for each brand of smartphone. For this, when you open the phone settings and directly search WiFi calls, it is better, it will save time and steps.

My Jio App, Airtel Thanks App and VI App will also enable VoWiFi on

If there is a problem understanding mobile phone settings, telcos have also given users another way to activate WiFi calling. To do this, the mobile application of the company whose SIM you are running must be in the phone. Reliance Jio users can activate VoWiFi on their phones through the My Jio app, the Airtel Thanks app for Airtel customers, and the VI app for Vodafone Idea customers. Here you just have to enter the brand and model number of your cell phone.

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