How To Download Facebook Videos

This guide will tell you How To Download Facebook Videos on Android, iOS, Mac or Windows. Facebook gives you the option to share videos between platforms, but it does not allow you to save them for offline viewing. For that you have to take help of third-party applications and software. These kind of software or apps allow you to save the Facebook videos to your device, be it Android or any other platform like iOS/ Mac / Linux.

There are many options for downloading Facebook videos on mobile devices and desktop computers, but not all of them are as simple as hitting the download button. Below are some options that we finally tried and now we recommend downloading Facebook videos on Android, iPhone and desktop computers with a few clicks.

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How to save Facebook videos online on Android mobile device

The easiest way to save Facebook videos for Android phones can be through the website. The website is compatible with all browsers that support downloading and can be used to download Facebook videos on iPhone, Windows and MacOS, not just Android devices. While almost all Android browsers support downloading, on the iPhone it is only Safari and Firefox.

How To Download Facebook Videos
How To Download Facebook Videos can be used to download videos from Facebook to your mobile.

  • First, choose the Facebook video you want to download
  • Copy video link; If you are using the Facebook application, press the share button. Web browser users can click on the comments of any of the Facebook video and then copy the URL from the following screen.
  • Now, open the website in the supported phone’s browser.
  • Paste the link where you are prompted and tap on “Download”.
  • The next step will be to touch and hold the quality link, normal or HD, until a pop-up window appears with the “download link” option. The same situation is with Chrome.
  • In Firefox, you have to tap on the link and then tap and hold the video to be stored locally on your device.

This is how you can download the Facebook video on Android Devices.

How to download the Facebook videos on Apple iPhone?

  • IPhone users, after copying the video link from Facebook, can go to Safari and search on
  • Then Paste the link on the website and click on the “Force SD Download” to save the video.
  • Then Facebook video will be downloaded to your device.
  • Now go to the download folder to see the file, if there is no video, then check your browser settings to save space.

This is how you can download the Facebook video on iOS Devices.

Download FB video online on phone from phone gallery through android App

Android users also have the option to download Facebook videos via a third-party app, called FastVid. You can download it from Google Play Store. There are some advantages of this application.

  • Firstly, you need to login with your Facebook ID and download the video simultaneously without going to the URL section to save Facebook video on mobile phone.
  • The URL option does not require an FB login and works just like – copy the Facebook video link from the app or browser and paste it into the box, which then displays a message with video quality options Does.
  • Choose the one that suits you best and the video is saved on your device.
  • In addition, the app has its own video library and player for playing videos downloaded from Facebook.
  • There are free and paid versions of the application.
  • The free versions are, of course, advertisements.

This is how you can download the Facebook video.

How to save facebook video to desktop or laptop can be used to download Facebook videos on Windows / macOS laptops. Of course, there are other options as well, but we were quite happy with the fbdown user interface. Again, you will be prompted to use a web browser that supports downloads to save Facebook videos offline. The process to download Facebook video to desktop using is as follows:

  • Firstly, Copy the URL of the Facebook video you wanted to download
  • Go to and paste the link where it is asked and press the “download” button
  • Select video quality between Normal (SD) or HD
  • Right click the video and click on the option to save the video to your computer
  • You can also extend “more options” to force direct video downloads
  • This is how you can save FB videos on Android, iPhone and Windows / macOS devices.

This is how you can download the Facebook video on desktop or laptop.

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