In this article, you will get to know, how you can Automatically Mute Yourself in Zoom Meetings App. Most of us are busy in working from home. So you’d think we’d have all the problems associated with remote work, right? Zoom meetings can still be a noisy nightmare, especially when a lot of people attend those meetings. So here’s a simple thing you can do now before you attend every meeting. Be ready to automatically mute your microphone when you join the meeting.

If everyone does this setting, just once, every meeting you attend will be done easily. You and your coworkers will never have to listen to the noise, sirens, or side conversation of inevitable traffic while the speaker is trying to speak. Because everyone will be silenced until they need to speak.

Also, personally, you don’t have to worry about your colleagues listening to you pulling chains in the middle of a meeting. Best of all, this is only a checkbox.

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Here’s How You Automatically Mute in Zoom

In the Zoom desktop application,

  • Firstly, click on the Settings icon at the upper right corner of the application to open your account settings.
  • Then, Click on the audio in the left sidebar and check “Mute my microphone when joining a meeting”.
Automatically Mute in Zoom
Automatically Mute in Zoom
  • When you have to speak, you can unmute yourself and then mute again when you’re done.
  • Also “press the SPACE key to temporarily mute” if you do not want to unmute for long. You can press the space bar to speak, say what you have to say and when you release it, it will be muted again.

If you are the host of such noisy gatherings on the web in general, then you can go directly to your account settings and then check “Mute Participants at Login”. You can then activate select people if they need to speak or give them the ability to activate.

Doing so is important and great in itself, but it only works when everyone does it. Fortunately, this setting only takes a moment, hence there is no excuse to do this before your very next meeting.

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