Google has created a new tool called Threadit to make remote work more efficient. Threadit allows users to send short recorded videos (such as on TikTok or Instagram reels) to team members to communicate about work in progress and other project related matters. Google says video is a great form of communication for those struggling to keep their point in email or text. Threadit also eliminates the need to host live meetings for video communication and allows employees around the world to work in their time zones.

It can be used to show progress between them, to ask questions, or to coordinate the program without asking for a response. This eliminates the need to host virtual meetings for short communications.

If you want to share something in detail, you can record several short clips and then stitch them together with the help of to threadit to create a coherent video. They can also record your screen to better convey your message. Once you are done with recording, you can share it to your team members via the link. Threadit is intended to make remote tasks easier for users.

These members can do reply to the video message whenever hey want and all of the replies will appear as a conversation. Google says it built Threadit over the past year while working from a remote control. It’s built by a team in Area 120, Google’s incubator division, with the goal of making it more capable of telecommuting.

Features of Threadit

Threadit also helped employees work in their time zones. Times all over the world, created connections that emails couldn’t. The best part? No one needed to get up early or stay late, “explained Keller Smith, founder and CEO of Thredit in a ghost post.

As mentioned, users can send videos to each other just by sharing a link, and there is no process where you need to download the video. By using extensions in Chrome, users can record their screens to effectively communicate work-related matters.

One of the best features of the platform is that it can be easily integrated with Gmail, allowing users to record directly from email. Also, to share the video, the user only has to share the thread link with their contacts.

Another great feature of Threadit Video is that you can track stats like how many people watched the video, overall engagement, and more through the backend. Whenever someone watches a video that you have recorded, they can choose to receive a notification.

So the next time you need to share something with your team, you won’t have to call them for another full meeting.

The app is available to users as a Chrome extension and currently has over 1,000 downloads.

It will be interesting to see how users respond to this short video platform from Google.

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