Google I/O 2021 started on May 18. This three-day conference will continue until May 20. Here we give you information about Google I/O 2021 Highlights and new announcements made by the company.


  • Google’s developer conference was not held last year. But it took place this year and the company came back with several new announcements.
  • Google I/O 2021, the annual hardware event, finally kicked off on Tuesday, May 18. This three-day conference will continue until May 20.
  • Here we give you information about 5 new announcements made by the company.

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Google I/O 2021 Highlights

Google I/O 2021 Highlights
image source: Google

More Inclusive Camera

Google says it is making a smartphone camera that will better reflect the tone of the screen. Google’s Sameer Samat said: “Even in our Google products, photography has not become what we want it to be or what we see.” Google says it’s making changes to the automatic white balance setting to bring a natural brown hue. He’s also working on new algorithms to better separate the subject from the background. This new camera will be produced on the new Google Pixel, which will be available later this year.

AI-Curated Albums

Like Apple and Facebook, Google Photos will use AI to select collections. After this, it will be shared with users. It has been seen many times that people have a complaint with Apple and Facebook that they show them selected collections or photos that are from difficult times in their lives. In such situation, a menu will be made available requesting to delete photos from AI-compatible album. Google says they have taken special care to allow users to delete specific images, people, or periods of time. With this, users can be sure which image they want to see and which one they don’t.

Inclusive language

A new feature Smart Canvas has been introduced by the Google. It is a one-of-a-kind umbrella platform that connects Google Docs, Meat, Sheets, Tasks, and Slides. There is also another assisted writing feature that will mark the user’s gender terms and suggest alternatives. For example: if someone has written to the president, he will be asked if he will use the gender term and he will be suggested to be the president or the election of president. The company has said that more details will be available in the coming weeks.

Android 12

Google has called its new operating system, Android 12, the biggest design change in Android history. It includes new privacy features that will allow users to control how much information applications are removing from them. A light will appear at the top of the screen if an app is using the device’s camera or microphone. You can find this feature already present in Apple iOS. Android 12 will display different applications in different colors. Android 12 will be able to create a color palette that can complement the background images.

3D video conferencing

Google has announced that it is working on a new video chat system in which everyone you talk to will be available in 3D. The name of this project is Starline and the company aims to provide an ultra-realistic projection for video conferencing.

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