... ... Flipkart Quiz Answers- 21 Oct 2020 | Win Exciting Prizes

Flipkart Quiz Answers- 21 Oct 2020 | Win Exciting Prizes

Flipkart Quiz Answers
Flipkart Quiz Answers

Flipkart Quiz Answers today for 21 Oct 2020 is live now and you can play the quiz every day from 00.00 am to 11.59 PM. In this, Flipkart Quiz Answers, you can Win Vouchers, Gems and More. The Flipkart Daily Trivia Quiz is generally based on general knowledge. This quiz comes on Flipkart app and users have to download the app to play the quiz and win exciting prizes.

Flipkart Quiz Answers: 21 Oct 2020

Question 1) This is the IPL journey of which of these players – KKR to RCB to KXIP?
Answer 1: Chris Gayle

Question 2) Which of these teams has this player not played for?
Answer 2: Rising Pune Supergiant

Question 3) Which Indian all-rounder was the most expensive pick of the IPL 2016 auction?
Answer: Pawan Negi

Question 4) Which South African city has hosted an IPL final?
Answer 4: Johannesburg

Question 5) Which IPL team has won a match by 10 wickets the most number of times?
Answer: Royal Challengers Bangalore

Flipkart Quiz Answers: 20 Oct 2020

Q1: Which Of These Actors Was The Brand Ambassador Of Delhi Daredevils In 2008?
Answer 1: Akshay Kumar

Q2: The Top Two Highest Partnerships By Runs In The IPL Have Both Involved Virat Kohli And
Answer 2: AB De Villiers

Q3: Which Team Holds The Record For The Longest Winning Streak By Any IPL Team?
Answer 3: Kolkata Knight Riders

Q4: Identify This Umpire Who Has Officiated The Most Matches In The IPL?
Answer 4: Sundaram Ravi

Q5: Who Among These Holds The Record Of The Best Bowling Figures In An IPL Match?
Answer 5: Alzarri Joseph

Flipkart Quiz Answers: 19 Oct 2020

Question 1) Who likes to #MovelnStyle with Skybags?
Answer 1: Varun Dhawan

Question 2) 2 States or all the States, she is the Caprese girl.
Answer 2: Alia Bhatt

Question 3) Who is the captain of an IPL team & an ambassador of Aristocrat Bags?
Answer: Rohit Sharma

Question 4) Which is of these is a type of women’s bag?
Answer 4: All of the above

Question 5) Which Celeb couple is saying “Hello Holidays” With VIP Bags?
Answer: Kareena & Saif Ali Khan

Question 6) What type of Luggage and Bags are available under brand Skybags
Answer: All the Above

Question 7) In which all colors Aristocrat Photon Hard Luggage is available in Flipkart?
Answer: All the above

Flipkart Quiz Answers: 18 Oct 2020

Question 1) Which Indian Olympian Was Signed As A PUMA Ambassador In 2019?
Answer 1: Mary Kom

Question 2) Which Of These Indian Captains Was Also Puma India’s Brand Ambassador?
Answer 2: Sourav Ganguly

Question 3) Who Became The First Indian To Reach 50 Million Instagram Followers?
Answer: Virat Kohli

Question 4) Usain Bolt Holds The Men’s World Record For 100 M Dash At X Seconds . What Is X?
Answer 4: 9.58 seconds

Question 5) X Is The Goalkeeper Of The Indian Football Team And Is A PUMA Athlete. Who Is X?
Answer: Gurpreet Singh Sandhu

Flipkart Quiz Answers: 17 Oct 2020

Question 1) What is Colgate Visible White?
Answer 1: Teeth Whitening Toothpaste

Question 2) What is the ultimate beauty essential for the date night?
Answer 2: Your dazzling white smile

Question 3) Which of the following is true for Colgate Visible White?
Answer: All of the above

Question 4) What goes with your favourite shade of lipstick?
Answer 4: Your dazzing white smile

Question 5) What are the contents of Colgate Visible White (CVW) Big Billion Days Specials launch?
Answer: Both A&B

Flipkart Quiz Answers: 16 Oct 2020

Question 1) What are the coolest audiophiles on the face of earth called?
Answer 1: Boatheads

Question 2) Who Is Not A BoAthead?
Answer 2: Ranveer Singh

Question 3) How Many BoAtheads Are There?
Answer: 11

Question 4) Where Would You Find All BoAtheads On Instagram?
Answer 4: @Boat.Nirvana

Question 5) Who Is The Most Recent Star To Be Added As A BoAthead?
Answer: Diljit Dosanjh

Flipkart Quiz Answers: 15 Oct 2020

Question 1) What is the benefit of Garnier serum sheet masks?

Answer 1: Facial-Like Glow

Question 2) How long should you keep a serum sheet mask on for?

Answer 2: 15 Minutes

Question 3) Which of the following masks will help detox your skin?

Answer: Charcoal

Question 4) What should you do after taking off the sheet mask?

Answer 4: Message Excess Serum Into Your Skin

Question 5) How many sheet mask variants does Garnier have?

Answer: 4

Flipkart Quiz Answers: 14 Oct 2020

  • Q1- Pick The Odd One Out
    • Ans- Natural Ingredients
  • Q2- Which Of The Following Is NOT True For Mamaearth?
    • Ans- Not Made From Natural Ingredients
  • Q3- Which Of The Following Celebrities Is Associated With Brand Mamaearth?
    • Ans- Shilpa Shetty Kundra
  • Q4- Which Of The Following Should You Avoid When Choosing A Shampoo For Your Baby?
    • Ans- SLS
  • Q5- When Buying Baby Products, Which Of The Following Things Should You Look For?
    • Ans- All of The Above
  • Q6- What Should You Avoid While Buying A Baby Soap?
    • Ans- Strips Natural Oils

Flipkart Quiz Answers: 13 Oct 2020

Question 1) Which of these groups is one of the owners of the Delhi Capitals?
Answer 1: GMR

Question 2) Which IPL team has won the highest number of Fair Play Awards?
Answer 2: Chennai Super Kings

Question 3) Who is the only Indian to play 100 consecutive T20 innings without getting out on a duck?
Answer: MS Dhoni

Question 4) Identify this player who has won three consecutive IPL titles with three different teams.
Answer 4: Karn Sharma

Question 5) Against which team did Ravindra Jadeja score his first ever T20 fifty in his 241st match?
Answer 5: Sunrisers Hyderabad

Flipkart Quiz Answers: 12 Oct 2020

Question 1) Onkyo, one of the leading premium audio brand, with a rich legacy of 70 years who is renowned for thier array home audio products belongs to which country?
Answer : Japan

Question 2) What is the sound power in the new range of Nokia Smart TVs with Sound by Onkyo?
Answer : A & B both

Question 3) Who was the orange cap holder(most runs) in IPL 2019?
Answer: David Warner

Question 4) What does bring the superior sound experience in new range of Nokia Smart TVs?
Answer : All of the above

Question 5) What are the major Visual features of the new range of Nokia Smart TVs?
Answer : All of the above

Question 6) What is the Venue of IPL 2020?
Answer : Dubai

Question 7) How many screen sizes will the new range of Nokia Smart TVs launch in?
Answer : 6 screen sizes 32″ HD Ready, 43 FHD, UHD 4K- 43,50,55,65

Flipkart Quiz Answers: 11 Oct 2020

1) In upcoming Big Billion Day Sale, Motorola TVs will be the 1st in India to launch which Operating System ?

Ans : Android 10

2) What is the name of the Motorola TV range getting launched with ‘Sharper Looks, Sharper Performance ?

Ans : Motorola Revou Series

3) How many screen sizes will the new Motorola TV range launch in?

Ans : 4 screen sizes – 32″, 40″, 43″ and 55″

4) Motorola TVs will be the World’s 1st TVs to bring which technologies in the HD/ Full HD segment?

Ans : Both A and B

5) Who was the highest wicket taker in IPL 2019?

Ans : Imran Tahir

Flipkart Quiz Answers

Flipkart Quiz Answers: 10 Oct 2020

Question 1) Chris Gayle’s highest individual score came against which IPL team?
Answer 1: Pune Warriors India

Question 2) Since which season is the Umpire Decision Review System being used in all IPL matches?
Answer 2: 2018

Question 3) Which of these teams has played in the least number of IPL seasons?
Answer 3: Kochi Tuskers Kerala

Question 4) Which IPL team shares its name with the NHL team from Washington DC?
Answer 4: Delhi Capitals

Question 5) Who among these was the first Indian to hit a century in the IPL?
Answer 5: Manish Pandey

Flipkart Quiz Answers

Flipkart Quiz Answers: 09 Oct 2020

Question 1. The name of which of these IPL teams was changed in 2018

Answer: Delhi Daredevils

Question 2. Who was the first Indian captain of an IPL team to score a century?

Answer: Sachin Tendulkar

Question 3. The two top highest individual scores in the IPL have been recorded in which city?

Answer: Bengaluru

Question 4. Which of these IPL records is not in his name?

Answer: Fastest fifty

Question 5. Who among these has scored the highest runs in a single IPL season?

Answer: Virat Kohli

Flipkart Quiz Answers: 08 Oct 2020

Question 1) Who among these did Shreyas iyer replace as the captain of the Delhi-based IPL team in 2018?
Answer 1: Gautam Gambhir

Question 2) In which year did the first ever Super Over take place in IPL history?
Answer 2: 2009

Question 3) Who holds the record of the highest score by an Indian batsman in the IPL?
Answer 3: K. L. Rahul

Question 4) Which of these IPL teams has not won an IPL season hosted in India?
Answer 4: Deccan Chargers

Question 5) Most IPL teams are being coached by which country’s players in 2020?
Answer 5: Australia

Flipkart Quiz Answers

Flipkart Quiz Answers: 07 Oct 2020

Question 1) How many teams have been captained by former India captain MS Dhoni?

Answer 1: Two

Question 2) Which of these teams has won the IPL only once?

Answer 2: Sunrisers Hyderabad

Question 3) In the only ball bowled in his career, which Indian did Adam Gilchrist dismiss in the IPL?

Answer 3: Harbhajan Singh

Question 4) Apart from England, which European country’s player has been seen in the IPL?

Answer 4: Netherlands

Question 5) Which of these players had the most no. of ducks in IPL before the beginning of the 2020 season?

Answer 5: Parthiv Patel

Flipkart Quiz Answers

Flipkart Quiz Answers: 06 Oct 2020

Question 1) Which of these teams’ home ground is named after the ruler of an Indian princely state?
Answer 1: Rajasthan Royals

Question 2) Players of which of these countries were the latest to participate in the IPL?
Answer 2: Afghanistan

Question 3) Who among these has captained more than one team in the IPL?
Answer 3: MS Dhoni

Question 4) Which of these IPL teams has been captained by this spinner?
Answer 4: Mumbai Indians

Question 5) Which of these is the only defunct team to win an IPL season?
Answer 5: Deccan Chargers

Flipkart Quiz Answers: 05 Oct 2020

Q1: With Team Does This Actress Co-Own?

Answer 1: Kolkata Knight Riders

Q2: Which Team’s Secondary Home Ground Is The JSCA Stadium In Ranchi?

Answer 2: Chennai Super Kings

Q3: Which Of These Australians Was The Most Valuable Player Of The Inaugural IPL?

Answer 3: Shane Watson

Q4: Which Company Is The Owner Of The Royal Challengers Bangalore Team?

Answer 4: United Spirits

Q5: Who Among These Is Not One Of The Seven Indian Commentators For IPL 2020?

Answer 5: Sanjay Manjrekar

Flipkart Quiz Answers

Flipkart Quiz Answers: 04 Oct 2020

Question 1) Which IPL team does this Punjab opener play for?

Answer 1: Kolkata Knight Riders

Question 2) In 2013, against which team did Chris Gayle make his IPL record breaking 175* runs?

Answer 2: Pune Warriors India

Question 3) Who among these has won the most IPL Purple Cap awards?

Answer 3: Bhuvneshwar Kumar

Question 4) Which state is represented in domestic cricket by IPL debutant Devdutt Padikkal?

Answer 4: Karnataka

Question 5) Who holds the record of hitting the most 50s in IPL?

Answer 5: David Warner

Flipkart Quiz Answers: 03 Oct 2020

Question 1:- Who among these is a co-owner of the Kolkata Knight Riders?

Answer 1:- Shah Rukh Khan

Question 2:- Along with which other country did India host the 2014 IPL?

Answer 2:- UAE

Question 3:- For which country does this bowler play in international cricket?

Answer 3:- South Africa

Question 4:- Who among these has not hit more than two hundred sixes in IPL?

Answer 4:- Suresh Raina

Question 5:- Which team has used the most number of captains in IPL history?

Answer 5:- Kings XI Punjab

Flipkart Quiz Answers: 02 Oct 2020

Question 1:- Which Of These Teams Has Played In The All The IPL Seasons Till Date?

Answer 1:- Kolkata Knight Riders

Question 2:- Who is the captain of Kings XI Punjab in IPL 2020?

Answer 2:- K. L. Rahul

Question 3:- Identify this Indian businessman associated with the IPL team Chennai Super Kings.

Answer 3:- N. Srinivasan

Question 4:- Which tyre company is the official strategic timeout partner of the IPL?

Answer 4:- CEAT

Question 5:- With 102 catches, which player holds the record of taking the most catches in the IPL?

Answer 5:- Suresh Raina

Flipkart Quiz Answers: 01 Oct 2020

Question 1:- Which IPL team’s official anthem is Korbo Lorbo Jeetbo Re?

Answer 1:-Kolkata Knight Riders

Question 2:- Which IPL team’s home ground is named after former prime minister Rajiv Gandhi?

Answer 2:- Sunrisers Hyderabad

Question 3:- To which country does this Delhi Capitals player belong?

Answer 3:- Nepal

Question 4:- Identify this Jharkhand cricketer who is a part of the Mumbai Indians team.

Answer 4:- Ishan Kishan

Question 5:- Which of these Australians has been a captain in the highest number of IPL matches?

Answer 5:-Adam Gilchrist

Flipkart Quiz Answers: 30 Sep 2020

Q1: Which Former IPL Team’s Home Ground Was The MCA Stadium ?

Answer 1: Rising Pune Supergiant

Q2: He Is The Only English Player To Captain An IPL Team . Identify Him .

Answer 2: Kevin Pietersen

Q3: He Is The Only Person From His Country To Play In The IPL . Which Country Does He Belong To ?

Answer 3: Netherlands

Q4: In Which IPL Team’s Logo Would You See The Sudarshan Chakra ‘ ?

Answer 4: Mumbai Indians

Q5: After M. S. Dhoni , Who Has Played The Role Of A Captain In Most IPL Matches ?

Answer 5: Gautam Gambhir

Flipkart Quiz Answers: 29 Sep 2020

Question 1) Who is the most successful captain in the IPL with 4 title wins?
Answer 1: Rohit Sharma

Question 2) After which politician is Delhi Capitals home ground name?
Answer 2: Arun Jaitley

Question 3) Identify this Rajasthan Royals player who is the youngest player to score an IPL fifty.
Answer 3: Riyan Parag

Question 4) Which of these players has played for MI, RCB, PWI, KKR and now RR in 2020?
Answer 4: Robin Uthappa

Question 5) Which of these countries’ player has never captained an IPL team?
Answer 5: Bangladesh

Flipkart Quiz Answers: 28 Sep 2020

Question 1) Which of these stadiums is the home ground of the KKR team?
Answer 1: Eden Gardens

Question 2) Which IPL team’s mascot is a lion called Moochu Singh?
Answer 2: Rajasthan Royals

Question 3) Which team has a band on the logo with KJHPH written on it?
Answer 3: Kings XI Punjab

Question 4) Which player has won as well as lost the most IPL matches as captain?
Answer 4: M. S. Dhoni

Question 5) Which former IPL team’s owner do you see in the picture?
Answer 5: Gujarat Lions

Flipkart Quiz Answers: 27 Sep 2020

Question 1) Which team is being coached by this New Zealand cricketer?

Answer 1: Kolkata Knight Riders

Question 2) Which of these is the official anthem of the IPL team Rajasthan Royals?

Answer 2: Halla Bol

Question 3) Who among these was banned in the 2008 IPL season for slapping another cricketer?

Answer 3: Harbhajan Singh

Question 4) Which team bought Piyush Chawla, the most expensive Indian of IPL 2020?

Answer 4: Chennai Super Kings

Question 5) Who among these West Indian cricketers has played all his IPL matches for the same team?

Answer 5: Kieron Pollard

Flipkart Quiz Answers: 26 Sep 2020

Question 1:- The web series ‘Roar of the Lion’ based on which IPL team?
Answer 1:-Chennai Super Kings

Question 2:- Identify the Product’s Mother Brand from its Image snippet
Answer 2:-OnePlus

Question 3:- What is the colour of the jersey of the IPL team Rajasthan Royals?
Answer 3:- Pink

Question 4:- This TV is a fine Product of Imagine & Intelligence. What all would be the features in this masterpiece to Boast about?”
Answer 4:-All the Above

Question 5:- Which of these edu-tech companies is one of the official partners of IPL 2020?
Answer 5:-Unacademy

Question 6:- This particular Feature of the Pro model of this Masterpiece TV sets it aside from all its contemporaries. Are you imaginative enough to guess it?
Answer 6:- Sliding Sound Bar

Flipkart Quiz Answers: 25 Sep 2020

Question 1:- What was the IPL team Delhi Capitals earlier known as?
Answer 1:- Delhi Daredevils

Question 2:- On which of these continents was the 2009 IPL season organized?
Answer 2:- Africa

Question 3:- Identify this Mumbai Indians player.
Answer 3:- Aditya Tare

Question 4:- Which of these is the official broadcast partner of the Indian Premier League?
Answer 4:- Star India

Question 5:- Which IPL team holds the record for the most playoff appearances without a title?
Answer 5:- Royal Challengers Bangalore

Flipkart Quiz Answers: 24 Sep 2020

Question 1:- Which team has won the most number of matches in the IPL?

Answer 1:- Mumbai Indians

Question 2:- Which of these actresses is a co-owner of the IPL team Kings XI Punjab?

Answer 2:- Preity Zinta

Question 3:- In which city of Gujarat was the defunct IPL team Gujarat Lions based?

Answer 3:- Rajkot

Question 4:- This player has not played for which of these teams in the IPL?

Answer 4:- Sunrisers Hyderabad

Question 5:- Who was the first player to take a hattrick in the IPL?

Answer 5:- Lakshmipathy Balaji

Flipkart Quiz Answers

Flipkart Quiz Answers: 23 Sep 2020

Question 1:- Which team was captained by this cricketer in the inaugural season of the IPL?
Answer 1:-Royal Challengers Bangalore

Question 2:- In which South Indian city was the IPL team Deccan Chargers based?
Answer 2:- Hyderabad

Question 3:- Which of these beverage companies has been the title sponsor of IPL?
Answer 3:- Pepsi

Question 4:- For which of these feats is this award given in the IPL?
Answer 4:- Most wickets

Question 5:- Which is the only current team to have never appeared in an IPL final?
Answer 5:- Delhi Capitals

Flipkart Quiz Answers: 22 Sep 2020

Question 1:- Identify this Indian cricketer who plays for the IPL team Rajasthan Royals.

Answer 1:- Jaydev Unadkat

Question 2:- Which of these is a song sung by CSK player Dwayne Bravo?

Answer 2:- Champion

Question 3:- Married to Natasa Stankovic, which Mumbai Indians player recently became a father?

Answer 3:- Hardik Pandya

Question 4:- Which player has won this award the most number of times in the IPL?

Answer 4:- David Warner

Question 5:- Which team was the winner of the inaugural season of the IPL?

Answer 5:- Rajasthan Royals

Flipkart Quiz Answers: 21 Sep 2020

Q1: Who Among These Has Scored The Highest Number Of Runs In The IPL Till Date?

Answer 1: Virat Kohli

Q2: Which Former IPL Team Was Owned By Subrata Roy Of The Sahara Group?

Answer 2: Pune Warriors India

Q3: Identify This Player Who Took 22 Wickets In The 2008 IPL, The Highest For The Season.

Answer 3: Sohail Tanvir

Q4: Which Company Is The Official Umpire Partner Of The IPL?

Answer 4: Paytm

Q5: Who Captained Rajasthan Royals To Victory In The First Season Of IPL?

Answer 5: Shane Warne

Flipkart Quiz Answers: 20 Sep 2020

Question 1) With which IPL team would you associate the Reliance subsidiary IndiaWin Sports?
Answer 1: Mumbai Indians

Question 2) Which of these CSK players returned to India from UAE citing personal reasons?
Answer 2: Suresh Raina

Question 3) Which team is being captained by the player shown in the picture?
Answer 3: Sunrisers Hyderabad

Question 4) To which team was former Kings XI Punjab captain R. Ashwin transferred in 2019?
Answer 4: Delhi Capitals

Question 5) Who is the most expensive player of the IPL 2020 auction?
Answer 5: Pat Cummins

Flipkart Quiz Answers: 19 Sep 2020

Question 1:- Which IPL team’s nickname is ‘Orange Army’?

Answer 1:- Sunrisers Hyderabad

Question 2:- Which of these IPL teams has been captained by M. S. Dhoni?

Answer 2:- Rising Pune Supergiant

Question 3:- Players from which of these countries would you not find in IPL 2020?

Answer 3:- Pakistan

Question 4:- Which country does this Mumbai Indians player represent in international cricket?

Answer 4:- Australia

Question 5:- Which company has been declared the title sponsor of IPL 2020?

Answer 5:- Dream 11

Flipkart Quiz Answers: 18 Sep 2020

Question 1:- In which of these cities is the Kings XI Punjab team based?

Answer 1:- Mohali

Question 2:- Which IPL team does this English cricketer play for?

Answer 2:- Rajasthan Royals

Question 3:- Which IPL team is being coached by this cricketing legend?

Answer 3:- Kings XI Punjab

Question 4:- Who is the only player from Jammu and Kashmir in IPL 2020?

Answer 4:- Abdul Samad

Question 5:- Released by the BCCI, what is the anthem of IPL 2020?

Answer 5:- Aayenge Hum Wapas

Flipkart Quiz Answers: 17 Sep 2020

Question 1:- Which IPL team’s owner is being shown in the picture?

Answer 1:- Mumbai Indians

Question 2:- Which IPL team’s home ground is the M. A. Chidambaram Stadium?

Answer 2:- Chennai Super Kings

Question 3:- Which team became the first to rope in an American player in the IPL?

Answer 3:- Kolkata Knight Riders

Question 4:- Who holds the record of taking the most wickets in IPL?

Answer 4:- Lasith Malinga

Question 5:- Which mobile phone company pulled out pulled out as the title sponsor of IPL this year?

Answer 5:- Vivo

Flipkart Quiz Answers: 16 Sep 2020

Question 1: Which country is hosting this year’s season of the IPL?
Answer 1: UAE

Question 2: Which IPL team is the bowler in the picture playing for?

Answer 2: CSK

Question 3: Which of these cities is not an IPL 2020 venue?
Answer 3: Ajman

Question 4: Which IPL teams co-owner can be seen in the picture?
Answer 4: Kolkata knight riders

Question 5: Which RCB player recently got engaged to choreographer Dhanashree Verma?

Answer 5: Yuzvendra chahal

Flipkart Quiz Answers: 15 Sep 2020

Question 1: Which player scored a swashbuckling century (158 Runs in 73 balls) in the first-ever IPL match?
Answer 1: Brandon McCullum

Question 2: With 26 wickets in 17 matches, which bowler won the purple cap in the 2019 IPL season?
Answer 2: Imran Tahir

Question 3: Only 16 players have taken a hattrick in the IPL, Who among these is one of them?
Answer 3: Rohit Sharma

Question 4: With 6 wins in the last 12 IPL seasons, which team has won the highest no. of Fair Play Awards?
Answer 4: Chennai super kings

Question 5: Which player has scored the fastest century (in just 30 balls) in the history of the IPL?
Answer 5: Chris Gayle

Flipkart Quiz Answers: 14 Sep 2020

Question 1. Which character is a masseuse and musician in the TV show Friends?

Answer : Phoebe Buffay.

Question 2. Which fictional warrior princess wears indestructible bracelets?

Answer : Wonder Woman.

Question 3. Eminem’s real name is Marshall Bruce Mathers III. How do we better know Harjeet Singh?

Answer : Raftaar.

Question 4. Ardeshir Irani is considered a pioneer for directing which film?

Answer : Alam Ara.

Question 5. The actress Tabu did NOT appear in which of these Salman Khan films?

Answer : Tubelight.

Flipkart Quiz Answers: 13 Sep 2020

Question 1. Starting in 1970, what day is celebrated all over the world on 22nd April?

Answer : Earth Day

Question 2. Which Anushka Sharma starrer was banned in Pakistan for “promoting black magic”?

Answer : Pari

Question 3. Which animal became a central part of MF Husain’s paintings since the 1950s?

Answer : Horse

Question 4. Two angles of a triangle are 72 and 44. What is the third angle?

Answer : 64

Question 5. Among these, which sea is the saltiest?

Answer : Red Sea

Flipkart Quiz Answers: 12 Sep 2020

Question 1. The largest stadium in India by seating capacity is in which city?

Answer: Kolkata 

Question 2. The co-founder of Reddit, Alexis Ohanian is married to a woman who plays which sport?

Answer: Tennis 

Question 3. Recently, Sri Lanka registered a whitewash in a 3-match T201 series for the 1st time against?

Answer: Pakistan 

Question 4. The first edition of the ICC Asia Cup was held in which country in 1984?

Answer: UAE

Question 5. Two teams of how many players compete to score the most points in ice hockey?

Answer: Six

Flipkart Quiz Answers : 11 Sep 2020

Question 1:- Which of these is an upcoming film starring Arjun Kapoor and Kriti Sanon?

Answer 1:- Panipat

Question 2:- Apart from Karamveer, what was Ayushmann’s character’s name in the film ‘Dream Girl’?

Answer 2:- Pooja

Question 3:- Kathryn Bigelow is the first woman to win the Oscar Award for __.

Answer 3:- Best Director

Question 4:- The director of the film ‘Bala’ has previously directed which of these films?

Answer 4:- Stree

Question 5:- Which writer and poet made a documentary titled ‘Amjad Ali Khan’ in 1990?

Answer 5:- Gulzar

Flipkart Quiz Answers : 10 Sep 2020

Q1. In which Akshay Kumar movie does his father transfer all his wealth to his pet dog?
A. Entertainment

Q2. How much RAM space does Redmi 9i have to meet all your needs?

Q3. How many roles has Govinda entertained us with, in the movie ” Hadh Kar Di Aapne”?
A. 6

Q4. Being a comedian wasn’t the first choice for Kapil Sharma. How did he choose to entertain audiences at the start of his career?
A. Singer

Flipkart Quiz Answers : 09 Sep 2020

Q1: Who Is The First Player To Win The Golden Shoe For Three Successive Years?
Answer 1: Lionel Messi

Q2: The Son Of Which Indian Politician Recently Became The Secretary Of The BCCI?
Answer 2: Amit Shah 

Q3: Who Is The 1st Cricketer To Hit 5 Sixes In A Test Innings Without Hitting A Four?
Answer 3: Umesh Yadav

Q4: In Which City Is The Himachal Pradesh Cricket Association Stadium Located?
Answer 4: Dharamsala

Q5: Which IPL Team Became First IPL Team To Hire A Woman In Support Staff?
Answer 5: RCB

Flipkart Quiz Answers : 08 Sep 2020

Q1. Who is the first player to win the golden shoe for three successive years?

Answer 1. Lionel Messi

Q2. The son of which indian politician became the secretary of BCCI ?

Answer 2. Amit Shah

Q3.  Who is the 1st cricketer to hit 5 sixes in a test innings without hitting a four?

Answer 3. Umesh Yadav

Q4. In which city is the Himachal Pradesh cRicket Association Stadium located?

Answer4. Dharamsala

Q5. Which IPL team became first IPL team to hire a woman in support staff?

Answer 5. RCB

Flipkart Quiz Answers : 07 Sep 2020

Question 1:- Which of these TV shows was created by Ramsay Brothers in the 1990s?

Answer 1:- Zee Horror Show

Question 2:- How is Robert Allen Zimmerman better known to us from the world of music?

Answer 2:- Bob Dylan

Question 3:- Who directed the series Byomkesh Bakshi for Doordarshan?

Answer 3:- Basu Chatterjee

Question 4:- Which actress voices Meg Griffin in the cartoon show Family Guy?

Answer 4:- Mila Kunis

Question 5:- Which country has the most number of Oscars in Best Foreign Language Film category?

Answer 5:-Italy

Flipkart Quiz Answers : 06 Sep 2020

Question 1:- What does ‘D’ stand for in the global network UNDP?

Answer 1:- Development

Question 2:- Who is the first to host 2 back to back Oscar ceremonies after Billy Crystal?

Answer 2:- Jimmy Kimmel

Question 3:- Which of these organs of the human body generates the most heat?

Answer 3:- Liver

Question 4:- Who among these did NOT serve as the 1st Chief Minister of an Indian state?

Answer 4:- Raman Singh

Question 5:- Who wrote ‘Meditations and its Methods’ for his own self-improvement and guidance?

Answer 5:- Swami Vivekananda

Flipkart Quiz Answers : 05 Sep 2020

Question 1:- Cristiano Ronaldo plays for Juventus. Which country is the club based in?

Answer 1:- Italy

Question 2:- Who is the first person to hit a double hundred in Test matches and in ODIs?

Answer 2:- Sachin Tendulkar

Question 3:- Which nineteen-time Grand Slam champion recenly got married to Xisca Perelló?

Answer 3:- Rafael Nadal

Question 4:- Shahbaz Nadeem recently made his Test debut for India. Which Ranji team does he play for?

Answer 4:- Jharkhand

Question 5:- The 1st person in history to run 42.2-km marathon in under 2 hours is from which country?

Answer 5:- Kenya

Flipkart Quiz Answers : 04 Sep 2020

Question 1:- In which TV show would you find the character Harvey Specter?

Answer 1:-Suits

Question 2:- The birth name of which of these comedians is actually Satya Prakash?

Answer 2:-Raju Srivastav

Question 3:- Who plays the role of Man Singh, the manager of the Indian Cricket team in the film ’83?

Answer 3:-Pankaj Tripathi

Question 4:- The title of the 2017 film Meri Pyaari Bindu comes from a song in which film?

Answer 4:-Padosan

Question 5:- Which of these popular TV shows is based on a film directed by Michael Crichton?

Answer 5:-Westworld

Flipkart Quiz Answers : 04 Sep 2020

Flipkart Quiz Answers : 03 Sep 2020

Question 1:- Which rapper’s song ‘God’s Plan’ won the Best Rap Song at Grammy Awards 2019?

Answer 1:- Drake

Question 2:- The singer Bhupen Hazarika has not won of these awards?

Answer 2:- Filmfare

Question 3:- DJI and Yuneec International are two of the world’s biggest manufacturers of what?

Answer 3:- Drones

Question 4:- Which Indian cricketer is nicknamed ‘Porbandar’ after his birthplace?

Answer 4:- Jaydev Unadkat

Question 5:- Which of these is not a company taken over by Oyo Rooms?

Answer 5:- Weddingz

Flipkart Quiz Answers

Flipkart Quiz Answers : 02 Sep 2020

Question 1:-Which country hosted and won the 2019 Asian Men’s Volleyball Championship?

Answer 1:- Iran

Question 2:- Which of these teams has NOT won an EPL title in the last 25 years?

Answer 2:- Liverpool

Question 3:- Who is the 1st Indian wicketkeeper to hit a century in a Test in Australia?

Answer 3:- Rishabh Pant

Question 4:- In 2018, Basketball legend Kobe Bryant won an Oscar for the short film

Answer 4:- Dear Basketball

Question 5:- A player from which of these teams has not won the most Man of the Match awards in T20Is?

Answer 5:- West Indies

Flipkart Quiz Answers

Flipkart Quiz Answers : 01 Sep 2020

Question 1:- Bryan Cranston has won multiple Emmy Awards for which TV series?

Answer 1:- Breaking Bad

Question 2:- The Perils of Being Moderately Famous’ has been authored by which actress?

Answer 2:- Soha Ali Khan

Question 3:- In the show The Big Bang theory, which restaurant does Penny work as a waitress?

Answer 3:- Cheesecake Factory

Question 4:- The 1987 film Mr. India won which award at the Filmfare Awards?

Answer 4:- None

Question 5:- The first Mr. India made his Bollywood debut with which 2000 film?

Answer 5:- Fiza

Flipkart Quiz Answers : 14 Aug 2020

Question 1:- Haseena Parkar is a film based on the life of the sister of _

Answer 1:- Dawood Ibrahim

Question 2:- Which breed is the popular cartoon dog Scooby-Doo?

Answer 2:- Great Dane

Question 3:- Which Shah Rukh Khan starrer was initially titled ‘Katrina Meri Jaan’?

Answer 3:- Zero

Question 4:- Which of these American sitcoms is not animated?

Answer 4:- Modern Family

Question 5:- Who is the only person to have ever won a Booker Prize and an Oscar?

Answer 5:- Ruth Prawer Jhabvala

Flipkart Quiz Answers : 13 Aug 2020

Question 1:- The President of Russia, Vladimir Putin was beforehand an intelligence officer of?

Answer:- KGB

Question 2:- Which of those painters is a brother of an ex-Prime Minister of India?

Answer:- Satish Gujra

Question 3:- Which lake in Spiti in Himachal Pradesh received its identify from its crescent form?

Answer:- Chandra Taal

Question 4:- Which fruit might be seen within the portray ‘The Son of Man’ by Belgian painter René Magritte?

Answer:- Apple

Question 5:- Based on Brahma Purana, on which day did Lord Brahma recreate the world?

Answer:- Gudi Padwa

Flipkart Quiz Answers : 03 Aug 2020

Question 1. The balls used in which of these sports have yellow, red or blue dots?

Answer : Squash.

Question 2. Who is the fastest left-arm bowler to reach 200 wickets in Test matches?

Answer : Ravindra Jadeja.

Question 3. Which city hosted the 2019 IAAF World Athletics Championships?

Answer : Doha.

Question 4. Which of these teams did NOT play in the first ever NBA match hosted by India?

Answer : Utah Jazz.

Question 5. Where did the Indian men’s hockey team won its last Olympic gold medal?

Answer : Moscow.

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Flipkart Quiz Answers : 02 Aug 2020

Question 1. Which legendary actor was a part of the 2019 film Joker as Murray Franklin?

Answer : Robert De Niro.

Question 2. Which fusion rock band did Rahul Ram and Susmit Sen start in 1990?

Answer : Indian Ocean.

Question 3. Which of these characters dies in the climax of the film Sholay?

Answer : Jai.

Question 4. In 1958, Mother India lost the best foreign language film Oscar to a film from?

Answer : Italy.

Question 5. Which actress is directing the upcoming Charlie’s Angels 2019 reboot?

Answer : Elizabeth Banks.

Flipkart Quiz Answers : 01 Aug 2020

Question 1. Who has sung the hit songs ‘Suit Suit’ and ‘Patola’?

Answer : Guru Randhawa.

Question 2. On whose gravestone would you find 772.5 inscribed, his calculation of heat?

Answer : James Joule.

Question 3. Who among these was a member of the winning Davis Cup teams in 2004, 2008, 2009, and 2011? 

Answer : Rafael Nadal.

Question 4. Which country’s “other national drink” is Irn-Bru, a carbonated soft drink?

Answer : Scotland.

Question 5. What day do we generally observe on the second Sunday of May?

Answer : Mother’s Day

Flipkart Quiz Answers : 30 July 2020

Question 1. Who played the role of Malik Kafur in the film Padmaavat?

Answer : Jim Sarbh. 

Question 2. Starring Amitabh Bachchan, who directed the film Aks?

Answer : Rakeysh Mehra. 

Question 3. Which of these film franchises was rebooted in 2019 starring David Harbour?

Answer : Hellboy. 

Question 4. R Madhavan played the role of ____ in the Tanu Weds Manu series.

Answer : Manoj Sharma.  

Question 5. Which 2018 film begins with a dedication to Amrita Pritam, the Hindi poet?

Answer : Manmarziyaan.

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Flipkart Daily Trivia Quiz Answers : 29 July 2020

Question 1. At 3,840 metres, Mount Saramati is the highest peak of which Indian state?

Answer : Nagaland. 

Question 2. Which Mughal emperor built the ‘Shalimar Bagh’ in Srinagar in 1619?

Answer : Jahangir. 

Question 3. Invented in 1924 in Mexico, Caesar Salad is named after

Answer : A Chef. 

Question 4. Who among these demons was killed by Lord Rama in Ramayana?

Answer : Dushan.  

Question 5. Reigning till 1912, who among these was the last Emperor of the Qing dynasty of China?

Answer : Pu Yi.

Flipkart Daily Trivia Quiz Answers : 28 July 2020

Question 1:- Who Is The 1st Indian To Score A Century In All Three Formats As An Opener?

Answer :- Rohit Sharma

Question 2:- In Baseball, The Final Base A Base Runner Must Touch To Score A Run Is Called What?

Answer :- Home Plate

Question 3:- Which Indian Batsman Holds The Record Of Hitting The Most Sixes In A Test?

Answer :- Rohit Sharma

Question 4:- Indian Hockey Team Won Its First Olymic Gold Medal In 1928 At Which Of These Places?

Answer :- Amsterdam

Question 5:- Who Is The Woman For India To Score A Century In A Women’s Twenty20 International?

Answer :- Harmanpreet Kaur

Flipkart Daily Trivia Quiz Answers : 27 July 2020

Question 1. Which of these Is not one of the studio albums of Ed Sheeran?

Answer : Minus. 

Question 2. Who among these married an Austrian, Emilie Schenkl?

Answer : Subhas Chandra Bose. 

Question 3. The tomato frog, comet moth, fossa, and lemur are some animals endemic to?

Answer : Madagascar. 

Question 4. 1st woman lawyer to directly become a SC judge, lndu Malhotra studied at?

Answer : Lady Shri Ram.  

Question 5. Other than Bolivia, which is the only other landlocked country in South America?

Answer : Paraguay.

Flipkart Daily Trivia Quiz Answers : 26 July 2020

Question 1:- Who Recently Became The 2nd Indian To Hit A Double Century In A Test Against South Africa?

Answer :- Mayank Agarwal

Question 2:- The Play Of Which Sport Begins At A Spot Called The Teeing Area?

Answer :- Golf

Question 3:- Which Indian Bowler Is The Joint Fastest Bowler To Take 350 Wickets In Tests?

Answer :- Ravichandran Ashwin

Question 4:- Bafana Bafana , Springboks And Proteas Are Nicknames Of Sports Teams From

Answer :- South Africa

Question 5:- The Youngest Cricketer To Take A Hattrick In T20I Belongs To Which Country?

Answer :- Pakistan

Flipkart Daily Trivia Quiz Answers : 25 July 2020

Question 1. If it is Gup chup in Odisha, what is it in Madhya Pradesh?

Answer : Fulki

Question 2. Built in 2018, the world’s largest bird sculpture is located in?

Answer : Kerala

Question 3. Which explorer is recognized as first person to reach both poles?

Answer : Roald Amundsen

Question 4. Which country has the most UNESCO World Heritage sites in Asia?

Answer : China

Question 5. Which footballer appeared as himself in the film xXx: The return of Xander Cage?

Answer : Neymar Jr.

Flipkart Daily Trivia Quiz Answers : 24 July 2020

Question 1. Which house does Voldemort belong to in the Harry Potter movies?

Answer : Slytherin. 

Question 2. Dil Cheez Kya Hai’ and ‘Inn Aankhon ki Masti’ are iconic songs from which film?

Answer : Umrao Jaan. 

Question 3. Which filmmaker has directed films like ‘Fire’ and ‘1947: Earth’?

Answer : Deepa Mehta. 

Question 4. In the show Friends, which of these characters never gives birth to a baby?

Answer : Monica.  

Question 5. Which film series would you associate with the fictional language – Klingon?

Answer : Star Trek.

Flipkart Daily Trivia Quiz Answers : 23rd July 2020

Question 1. Born In Jalandhar, which slnger is popularly known as the “Prince of Bhangra”?

Answer : Sukhbir Singh. 

Question 2.  In Game of Thrones, which character sits on the throne at the end of series?

Answer : Bran Stark. 

Question 3. which 2017 film was inspired by the story of Anita Bal Narre?

Answer : Toilet: Prem Katha Movie. 

Question 4. Which actress was born In pre-partition Punjab In 1930 as Harkirtan Kaur?

Answer : Geeta Bali.  

Question 5. In the film ‘Argo’, Ben Affleck’s character rescues Americans from which country?

Answer : Iran.

Flipkart Daily Trivia Quiz Answers : 22nd July 2020

Question 1. Sepp Blatter, who ls currently serving a ban, ls the former president of ______?

Answer : FIFA. 

Question 2. who was the first player to hlt 6 sixes In an over In ODI cricket?

Answer : Herschelle Gibbs. 

Question 3. In which sport dld Ryan Glggs play for Mumbal and Ronaldlnho play for Goa?

Answer : Futsal. 

Question 4. Which of these EPL clubs ls currently NOT being managed by their former player?

Answer : Liverpool.  

Question 5. India reached No. 1 In ICC Test Ranking for the first time under which captain?

Answer : MS Dhoni.

Flipkart Daily Trivia Quiz Answers : 21th July 2020

Question 1. Who played the role of Professor Sinha In the movie Mr. India?

Answer : Ashok Kumar. 

Question 2. Which Bollywood actor started the Paanl Foundation?

Answer : Aamir Khan. 

Question 3. Which character from the series The Big Bang Theory goes to space?

Answer :  Howard. 

Question 4. Stuntman and actor, Muddu Babu Shetty was the father of which Bollywood personality?

Answer : Rohit Shetty. 

Question 5. In the Toy Story series, who gives his voice for the character ‘Buzz Lightyear‘?

Answer : Tim Allen.

Flipkart Daily Trivia Quiz Answers : 20th July 2020

Question 1:- Who Among These Was A Practising Lawyer In The Supreme Court Of India?

Answer :- Arun Jaitley

Question 2:- Anthony Bourdain, Who Passed Away Last Year, Was A Famous

Answer :- Chef

Question 3:- Which Government Owned Company Owns A 51% Stake In The State-Owned IDBI Bank?

Answer :- LIC

Question 4:- With Which Country Is France’s Longest Land Border?

Answer :- Brazil

Question 5:- In Hindu Mythology, Who Among These Is One Of The Saptarishis?

Answer :- Vishwamitra

Flipkart Daily Trivia Quiz Answers : 19th July 2020

Question 1. Which Premier League club did Sir Alex Ferguson manage for 26 years? 

Answer : Manchester United. 

Question 2. Yelena Isinbayeva has numerous world records in which Olympic event? 

Answer : Pole Vault. 

Question 3. Which of these is NOT a kind of delivery bowled by an off-spinner?

Answer : Pehla. 

Question 4. In 2012, who was presented a jersey number 963 by Manchester United? 

Answer : Usain Bolt. 

Question 5. Who was the first Indian woman to become a Grand Master in Chess?

Answer : S Vijayalakshmi. 

Flipkart Daily Trivia Quiz Answers : 18th July 2020

Question 1:- After Whose Sudden Demise Was Actress Sridevi Cast In The 1994 Film Laadla? Madhubala Ayesha Julka Divya Bharti Madhuri Dixit

Answer :- Divya Bharti

Question 2:- Which Cartoon Character Is A Resident Of 301 Cobblestone Way, Bedrock 70777?

Answer :- Fred Flintstone

Question 3:- Who Played The Role Of Lara Croft In The 2018 Film Tomb Raider?

Answer 3:- Alicia Vikander

Question 4:- Who Played The Role Of The Global Terrorist Abu Usman In Tiger Zinda Hai’?

Answer 4:- Sajjad Delafrooz

Question 5:- Amitabh Bachchan Won His 1st National Film Award For Best Actor For Which Film?

Answer 5:- Agneepath

Flipkart Daily Trivia Quiz Answers : 17th July 2020

Question 1. The English name for which vegetable comes from the Aztec ‘xitomatl’?

Answer : Tomato. 

Question 2. The Mercalli scale measures destruction caused by an ___ on a scale of 1 to 12.

Answer : Earthquake. 

Question 3. Sonia Gandhi succeeded whom as the INC President in 1998?

Answer : Sitaram Kesri. 

Question 4. Which Mughal emperor’s birth name was Muhi-ud-Din Muhammad?

Answer : Aurangzeb. 

Question 5. The name of which of these Saudi Arabian cities literally means ‘city’?

Answer : Medina. 

Flipkart Daily Trivia Quiz Answers : 16th July 2020

Question 1. Where were the tension-filled 1972 Summer Olympics held?

Answer : Munich. 

Question 2. Which of these is not a piece used in a standard chess game?

Answer : Prawn. 

Question 3. Which company sponsored the 1983 Cricket World Cup won by India?

Answer : Prudential. 

Question 4. The state animal gaur appears in the logo of which of these ISL teams?

Answer : FC Goa. 

Question 5. who dismissed Don Bradman for a duck in his last Test innings?

Answer : Eric Hollies. 

Flipkart Daily Trivia Quiz Answers : 15th July 2020

Question 1. Which 2008 film was the first mainstream Hindi CGI feature film?

Answer : Roadside Romeo. 

Question 2. Which pioneering Indian filmmaker’s real name was Dhundiraj Govind?

Answer : Dadasaheb Phalke. 

Question 3. Which Amitabh Bachchan film won 11 Filmfare Awards, the most for any film?

Answer : Black.

Question 4. Which organization did Shah Rukh Khan work for in the film ‘Dil Se..’?

Answer : All India Radio. 

Question 5. The 90s films Dil Hi To Hai and Udaan were directed by which comic actor?

Answer : Asrani

Flipkart Daily Trivia Quiz Answers : 14th July 2020

Question 1. A 25 feet statue of which former PM would be built in the Lok Bhavan in Lucknow?

Answer : Atal  Bihari Vajpayee.

Question 2. Which group owns the Park Hotels, a collection of 5-star boutique hotels?

Answer : Apeejay Surrendra. 

Question 3. In 2018, which country became the first to make paying men more than women illegal?

Answer : Iceland. 

Question 4. What is the mother tongue of the superstar Rajinikanth?

Answer : Marathi. 

Question 5. Which of these products was originally invented by Nestlé?

Answer : Cerelac. 

 Flipkart Daily Trivia Quiz Answers : 13th July 2020

Question 1. Whlch team has won the most number of titles In the EPL?

Answer : Manchester United. 

Question 2. Vijay, Ashok, Prakash and Anand are members of which Indian sporting family?

Answer : Amritaraj. 

Question 3. Limba Ram, Tarundeep Ral and Dola Banerjee are Arjuna awardees from which sport

Answer : Archery. 

Question 4. Whlch of these German football clubs has the number ‘04’ In Its name?

Answer : Schalke. 

Question 5. Which cricket stadium was witness to India’s first ever Test victory?

Answer : chepauk,Chennai.

 Flipkart Daily Trivia Quiz Answers : 12th July 2020

Question 1:- Which Of These Is A Song By The English Rock Band Led Zeppelin?

Answer:- Kashmir

Question 2:- Playing A Policewoman, The Sequel Of Which Rani Mukerji Film Is Releasing In December?

Answer :- Mardaani

Question 3:- Which Of These War Films Has Not Been Directed By J P Dutta?

Answer:- Lakshya

Question 4:-Which Actress Features On The Logo Of RK Studios Along With Raj Kapoor?

Answer:- Nargis

Question 5:- Which Band’s Album Forty Licks Had A Cover Inspired By Goddess Kali’s Tongue?

Answer:- Rolling Stones

 Flipkart Daily Trivia Quiz Answers : 11th July 2020

1. Former Prime Minister Morarji Desai was born on which rare calendar day?

Ans. 29 February 

2. Having the symbol ‘Fe’, which is the most widely used metal in the world?

Ans. Iron

3. Which of these Indian states borders the Gulf of Mannar?

Ans. Tamil Nadu

4. In which University of Delhi college did Nobel Laureate Aung San Suu Kyi study?

Ans. Lady Shri Ram

5. A World Heritage Site, the Grand Canyon in USA is carved by which river?

Ans. Colorado

Quiz Details

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Quiz Timing – 12 AM to 11.59 PM
Quiz Date – 11 July 2020

 Flipkart Daily Trivia Quiz Answers : 10th July 2020

Question 1. Who among these overtook MS Dhoni’s record as the most successful Test captain of India?

Answer : Virat Kohli.  

Question 2. Which India hockey star’s biography is titled “Forgive Me Amma”?

Answer : Dhanraj Pillay. 

Question 3. Until 1875, what shape were professional tennis courts?

Answer : Hourglass. 

Question 4. Basketball star LeBron James never played for which of these NBA teams?

Answer : Chicago Bulls. 

Question 5. What divides the Zerao Soccer Stadium in Brazil into two halves?

Answer : Equator.

Flipkart Daily Trivia Quiz Answers : 9th July 2020

Question 1. In Queen, Kangana’s character makes which dish in the cooking challenge?

Answer is: Golgappa. 

Question 2. In which movie would you hear SRK saying, “I Love You, Kkkk Kiran”?

Answer is: Darr. 

Question 3. The iconic Prithvi Theatre was built by ____ and his wife Jennifer Kendal.

Answer is : Shashi Kapoor. 

Question 4. In 2010, who became the first woman to win an Oscar for Best Director?

Answer is:Kathryn Bigelow. 

Question 5. The film ‘Jhankaar Beats’ is a tribute to which Indian musician?

Answer is : R D Burman. 

Daily Trivia Quiz Details:

Today’s Flipkart quiz prize – Vouchers, Gems and More
Quiz Timing – 12 AM to 11.59 PM
Quiz Date – 9 July 2020

How Can You Play quiz?

  • First of all, you have to download the app from the Play Store or ios Store.
  • Now, open the app and sign up there with your mobile number or email id. If you are already registered, then just sign in.
  • Now open the Flipkart app and click on the “Games” banner at the bottom right.
  • After clicking on Games Banner, scroll down and check the “Flipkart Daily Trivia” banner.
  • Tap on the Play Now button to play the quiz.
  • Total Five numbers of questions will be asked.
  • You have to give all the five questions correctly in Flipkart Daily Trivia Quiz so that you could be eligible to win Flipkart Super coins.

Flipkart Daily Trivia Quiz Answers 8 July 2020

Check the questions with their answers below:

Question 1. The Kohima War Cemetery dedicated to British soldiers is situated in which state?

Answer:- Nagaland

Question 2. What are AK-47 and AK-56 types of?

Answer:- Guns

Question 3. Which of these became a British colony after the end of the First Opium War in 1842?

Answer:- Hong Kong

Question 4. In 2017, the world’s first unmanned smart police station was opened in?

Answer:- Dubai

Question 5. Apart from Malala, who is the only other Pakistani to have won a Nobel Prize?

Answer:- Dr. Abdus Salam

Daily Trivia Quiz Rules

  • You must be 18 years or above.
  • You must have an account on the Flipkart app.
  • The quiz will run everyday till 31 July 2020.
  • The Flipkart Daily Trivia Quiz timing will be from 00:00:01 to 23:59:59

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