The Indian shooter game Fearless and United Guards, or FAU-G Game only, will launch on Republic Day on 26 January next week. Developed by nCORE Games, FAU-G will put players in the shoes of Indian soldiers in the Ladakh region as they battle enemy intruders. Before the expected release, here are 5 facts you need to know about the upcoming game.

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As described on Google Play, the game is based on real-world scenarios and “brings to life the excitement and adrenaline dedicated to protecting India’s borders.

nCore Games was originally planned to launch the game in October, but it did not. The company then tweeted that FAU-G would launch in November without providing an exact date. It came in September in response to a ban of 118 Chinese apps in India, including the popular PUBG mobile. It plans to hit the 200 million-user mark within a year.

Fau-g Game
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Things To Know : FAU-G Game

  1. Cannot compare to PUBG Mobile

FAU-G was announced as an upcoming game soon after the PUBG mobile ban in India in September 2020. There was speculation then that the game would be an Indian-made replacement for Tencent’s popular Battle Royal title.

  1. No Battle Royal mode, multiplayer mode exists

Contrary to popular belief, FAU-G will not have the Battle Royal game modes where many users randomly cluster in the game arena and must fight for their survival. The popular game genre was made popular in recent years by titles such as PUBG Mobile, Fortnite, and Call of Duty Mobile. FAU-G, instead, will focus on missions and linear episodes that progress throughout the story. However, the game will have some form of multiplayer.

  1. Episode 1 will take place in the Galvan Valley of Ladakh.

The game released its first trailer a few weeks ago, the game was screened in the Galvan Valley, which is said to be only the first episode in the sports series. A new hymn for the game was also revealed in the new trailer, which featured Indian soldiers fighting enemy forces in the valley.

  1. Melee combat, melee weapon is a big deal

The first teaser of FAU-G featured soldiers using various melee combat skills, while Assault rifles were later seen in the new Anthem teaser. This points to the fact that hand-to-hand combat and melee weaponry will be an important aspect of the game. In the first trailer, various melee weapons can also be seen in the players’ hands. It remains to be seen whether there will be a dedicated mode for this game genre.

  1. You can pre-register for the game

Pre-registrations for FAU-G became active in December 2020. Interested players can still pre-register through the game’s Play Store / App Store page. More than a million players signed up for FAU-G in the first 24 hours and there were many more enthusiastic players waiting for its release since the game.

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