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The FAU-G game has been launched today and check our FAU-G Reviews here. When I first heard about FAU-G, called PUBG’s mobile rival from India, I was not as excited as other mobile gamers from India. And after seeing the first trailer, he was concerned about the game, to say the least. It has been a long time since then and I am offered the opportunity to be one of the first people in the country where I tried to jump into this game. And initially, I was surprised. But the more I played the game, the more flaws it had. Here are the detailed initial impressions of my game.

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FAU-G Reviews

FAU-G will offer players three modes in no time: Campaign, Team Deathmatch, and Free for All. However, for now, nCore Games offers the campaign mode for players only. Free for Team Deathmatch 5v5 mode and all Battle Royale modes, with updates to be available at a later date.

Starting with the graphics, the game definitely managed to surprise me. Since it was developed in India and the previous advancement was very poor, the company has been successful in delivering a good game. The graphics weren’t as good but they managed to look realistic and suitable for a mobile game.

The version we made had a lot of bugs, which were noticed right from the start. These bugs could have been fixed in the release version, if not simple adjustments that the company could make.

How it Started?

The game started off very easy with a cinematic look and a description of the recent blatant border incident. But when you pass the checkpoints, it becomes more difficult to cross the steps. And given the lack of time imposed on the players, it is very difficult to complete all the steps.

The main character, an officer of the Sikh army, must lead the Chinese army for his crew. And as he does so, he goes on to describe dialogue as “a pure escape mission kya bina vapis nah laau ta”, which is initially funny. While playing the game, the Chinese army men made fun of the leadership in English, however a colleague found them speaking Chinese. This may be a mistake, as the game is available in multiple languages. The design is also on a par with the characters of the Chinese army, who have facial structures similar to those of the China region.

I think nCore games should be linked to the game is the ability for players to carry health packs. It is not enough to sit near a campfire. Players must be able to heal themselves on the fly, as this will save them precious time and will not force them to return to the last bonfire or unlock the current stage bonfire.

Currently, the game features only handheld weapons, which is a bit of a hassle, given that the Indian Army has many classic weapons that people would love to try. Still having a weapon makes it much easier to kill AI opponents, however, you have to kill them and take them, rather than finding them in places. And like weapons, you have to be careful when using them because they have limited hits, after which they break, limited to two kills.


While many people expect that FAU-G will be the Indian alternative to PUBG mobile. Not so, at least not now. The game may compete with the popular Battle Royal, when nCore Games releases the remaining two modes at a later date. But, until now, the game has been a standalone campaign based only on the Galvan Valley incident.

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