Elyments app has been launched in India today on 05 July 2020. The country’s vice president Venkaiah Naidu launched the first local social media app, Elyments, on Sunday. Users will now be able to download this application from the Google Play store. Art of Living founder Sri Sri Ravi Shankar was also present during the launch program.

Significantly, questions have been asked frequently on social media about data privacy. In this case, foreign companies fail. Therefore, data privacy has been featured in this social media application. It is noteworthy that there are a lot of social network users in India. But so far, most foreign companies are ruling in the social media market. Meanwhile, on July 5, the first super social media application Elyments were launched in the country. The speciality of this application is that the user’s data will be completely safe and will not be given to third parties without permission.

Elyments App Features

Millions of people have downloaded this application from the Google Play Store within a few hours of its launch. Let’s say that initially, this application will be available in 8 languages. In addition, audio and video calls will also be provided. The main objective of this application is to add features of social media applications and make them available in a single application.

Users have got support from AR character to in-built filters for superb photography in this app. Apart from this, features like end-to-end encryption have been provided to protect the data of the users. The special thing about this app is that without the permission of the users, their data will not be given to any third party.

With Elyments app Connect and engage with friends, update updates, network with like-minded people, discover interests, make intuitive voice and video calls, and more.

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More Features

Take perfect photo

Acquire your photographic skills with our meticulous integrated camera. Take your photography game to the next level with built-in filters and AR characters.

Endless conversation

Reduce distances by keeping in touch with friends from all over the world through instant messages without delay. Have an individual or group chat from the application and continue the conversation!

Stay updated

Stay up-to-date with your circle activities and also stay up-to-date with the latest events and news from around the world.

Keep your data private and safe

Elyments is an application thought and designed locally to guarantee that you create the majority of social networks while keeping your data safe and protected. All of our servers are hosted in India, providing a fast and unique experience.

Realizing the family of a world

The Elyments has been built in India by a young team of enthusiastic people who strongly believe in Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam or the ancient Indian concept of a world family. However, Made in India, Elyments is a global platform for people from all walks of life to come together, explain, learn and grow together.

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