Doordash customer service phone number is a must if you have any queries related to food ordered or anything regarding to this food delivering company. Doordash is a San-Francisco based food delivery comapny which delivers food from your favourite restaurant to your doorsteps.

On the other facet of the equation, DoorDash gives a valuable opportunity to earn some greater money. When you join up to be a DoorDash driver, you may set your very own hours and work for yourself.

Whether you’re handing over or ordering food, however, sometimes you may have issues rise up and need to get assist from DoorDash. It might be a rate discrepancy, an incorrect order, or inappropriate behaviour on the part of a transport person, restaurant partner, or customer. Whatever the problem, you need to know a way to repair it, and we’re going to reveal you ways in this guide on contacting DoorDash patron service.

We will discuss how to contact Doordash Customer Service:

  1. Doordash Customer Service Phone Number
  2. Customer Support Page
  3. Email Support

1.) Doordash Customer Service Phone Number

Doordash customer service phone number is 855-973-1040. Customers, Dashers and restaurant can contact on this service number of Doordash to get instant help. Whenever you call, you will hear a voice and there will be options to choose from whether you are a customer, dasher or restaurant owner.

After this, Doordash will let you connect with their employee for live support. There might be waiting time if the line is busy but the fastest way to connect to Doordash customer service phone number is 855-973-1040.

2.) Customer Support Page

Second method to connect with Doordash it to contact support page. You have to fill-up the form as shown below and submit the same. You will get a reply. Redirect to the page by clicking here for customer support page.

Doordash customer service phone number

Let’s discuss how to fill the form.

  • First of all, You have to write your full name in the full name section.
  • Secondly, write your email address in the email section of the support page.
  • Thirdly, Write your phone number.
  • After that, choose the category account setting, payments, app troubleshooting, order in progress support, post-delivery support, health safety or legal support and others from the drop-down list regarding your query.
  • After this, you have to select your subcategory related to your problem from the drop-down list.
  • Then, write the problem in detail in the description section.
  • Finally, submit the request.

3.) Email Support

If you have a difficulty that isn’t very urgent, you can contact DoorDash through email. The DoorDash assist email is  [email protected]. This email deal with works for customers, Dashers, and restaurants.

In order to get your problem resolved as quickly as possible, make certain to be particular about your trouble while you do e-mail assist. Include screenshots (or photos) of your difficulty if relevant. Also, provide an explanation for what steps you’ve already taken to try to solve it. This will assist the DoorDash representative assist you in a greater expedient manner.

DoorDash Customer Service FAQs

Below are some of the DoorDash frequently asked questions, where you will get the answers to the questions that are mostly asked.

1.) How do I contact DoorDash Support?

You can call Doordash customer service number 855-973-1040

2.) What is DoorDash Support Number?

855-973-1040 is the Doordash support number for customers, dashers as well as restaurant owners. You will get live support from the Doordash.

3.) How do I contact DoorDash by phone?

You can call Doordash customer service number 855-973-1040

4.) Does Doordash have customer service phone number?

You can both chat with an assisting agent via the DoorDash app or you could call help at (855) 973-1040.

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