CRED, financial management and credit card payment application, has announced the second version of the CRED Power Play in line with the IND vs SL 2021. During the cricket tournament, CRED will offer up to 100 percent cash amount to those who pay their credit Card bill during the power game of the IPL match. According to the details of the CRED Power Play offer, each user who pays with a credit card will be eligible to win a 100 percent cash back offer. According to a report in News18, regardless of how small or large the payment amount is.

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However, during the power play overs of each match of IND vs SL 2021, only one user who will actually win a 100 percent cash back offer. It is unclear whether all users paying via CRED will receive a cash back or prize of some kind or another, but the final prize in the CRED Power Play offer will be reserved only for one lucky winner.

What is CRED Jackpot?

CRED jackpot uses the CRED coins earned while paying your credit card bills to claim the CRED jackpot that do gets unlocked daily during the IND vs SL 2021 match.

In addition, CRED also brings a second CRED jackpot. The subsequent announcement will be made during the 13th over of each IPL 2021 match, where the lucky winners of the surprise prizes will be announced during each match. Explaining the association, CRED founder Kunal Shah said in a press release, “More than 100 brands have partnered with us to bring outrageous and never-before-seen prizes to their members during every match. It is the intention of CRED to make responsible financial behavior attractive, rewarding and enjoyable. “

Known for its rewards schemes, CRED has tried to rejuvenate credit card payment and rewards schemes into more relevant and attractive deals. IPL 2021 marks the second year of the promotional agreement between CRED and BCCI, and it should be observed that the 100 percent cash-back agreement of CRED Power Play attracts enough attention to attract more users under the CRED umbrella Or not.

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