The Clubhouse app audio chat platform has finally launched in the Indian market for Android users as well. Until now, this drop in audio chat platform was only available to iPhone users on iOS. See how Android users and their features can be used in the clubhouse?


  • The demand for audio chat applications has increased
  • Fast growing Clubhouse app Android users have been demanding

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Clubhouse App

The Clubhouse audio chat platform is also launched in the Indian market for Android users. As per the company’s official tweet, this app is now available to download on the Google Play Store for the Android users in the Indian market. Until now, this drop in audio chat platform was only available to iPhone users on iOS. So far this app has been highly appreciated and now after visiting Google Play Store, the number of its fans can quickly increase.

The clubhouse is quite different from other chat apps

The Clubhouse app is generally different from any other app, which the users can only download and use it from the Google Play Store. Just as iPhone users need an invitation to use this audio app, Android users will also need an invitation. This makes it clear that users cannot start using the app after downloading the Google Play Store, but for this they will need an invitation.

How to use the Clubhouse?

Users will need an invitation to download the app if they have to sign up for this audio chat app. It has a waiting list, in which users can register for themselves and wait for the opportunity to be invited. Apart from this, another way is that you can speak to invite any other existing user. Through this invitation, users can connect to the audio-only application.

Clubhouse Release Date

The thing to note is that the app was launched for iPhone users in March 2020 and the app has become much more popular ever since. However, if we do compare to the beginning of 2021, now fewer people have downloaded this app. This application received 42 thousand downloads in February, while in April of this year it was only downloaded by 14 thousand users.

Many people will now be able to download this application from the Google Play store.

The number of Android users in India is very high, so a large number of people will be able to download this application in the coming days. As Clubhouse has announced its arrival on the Android platform, many other existing Android application companies might have been working on creating different applications linked to the audio chat rooms. Twitter has already introduced similar platforms for Android and iOS users. Apart from this, many companies like Spotify, Facebook and Reddit are also planning to bring in audio-only spin-offs.

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