Today, we will discuss the Best VPN for PUBG Mobile in India. One of the biggest problem here is that many people’s account have been hacked by using the VPN’s, because hackers provide installation of free VPN and install the virus on the phone. Then hackers sends all data to the owner. In this post, I will tell you how you can use VPN for PUBG Mobile.

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What are the Best VPN for PUBG?

There are many VPN avalable in the market that can provide you with free VPN and install the virus on your phone, but there are some VPN providers that can provide you with a good and secure VPN service. Here I am talking about some free VPNs that are perfect and much secure and are not harmful to you in any way. Well, nothing is impossible in the world, no matter how much security you have, but a hacker can hack it in new ways, but the vpn that I am going to tell you, the chances of being hacked in this are very less.

Best VPN for PUBG Mobile
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List of Best VPN for PUBG Mobile:


This VPN became very popular when PUBG was banned in India. That being said, VPN used to help gamers, download pubg from play store. These vpn still help you download pubg from play store. For that you need to install this vpn and then you need to go to vpn and select South Korea server and connect vpn after which you can download pubg from playstore with the help of this vpn.

Download: SOLO VPN

2. Proton VPN

These VPNs are also very good and when you connect to them, Proton VPN helps reduce your game load so you can enjoy games without lag. These VPNs have made some of their features premium, so you will have to pay monthly to access, but you will not have to pay money for PUBG.

Because the server that PUBG runs on is free. So if you want to enjoy PUBG even after ban, you can install this vpn

Download: ProtonVpn

3. HotSpot Shield VPN

This VPN gives you a lot of functions with which you can access pubs as well as other forbidden things like if you want to access Tiktok then you can run Tiktok with the help of this vpn. In general, they are also a very good, safe and will help you to play PUBG.

The design and interface of HotSpot Shield VPN is quite easy and you can understand it well. And all these VPN are absolutely free and you can use them without paying money.

Download: HotSpot Shield VPN

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