Whether you are trying to get fit for spring break or just want to monitor your general health, there is a fitness tracker for you. Here you can find the best fitness trackers. For most people, the Fitbit Charge 3 would be the best option. It is lightweight and stylish, has great stamina, and provides all the fitness tracking you need as well as smartphone notifications. After having a review on various fitness trackers, we can tell you which one’s are the best – and these are the tools that really stand out for us.

Fitbit Charge 3

This is the best among the best fitness trackers. There is a reason Fitbit is the top brand in the fitness band market. The company slowly and continuously improves its band by adding smartwatch features and streamlining the design.

The Fitbit’s Charge 3 tracker has a sleeker look with a buttonless design that makes the band look thinner than it actually is. It is an ideal size, not too large for a woman’s wrist and not too small for a male. The concave shape touches your wrist and is so light that you don’t even notice that you are wearing it. The band features a grayscale touchscreen display and a button haptic feedback that serves as the home and back buttons.

Charge 3 includes all-day heart rate monitoring with Fitbit’s full tracking features, all-day counting, with SmartTrack to automatically recognize workouts and even menstrual cycle tracking for women. It Includes those that can be added as an alternative to the dashboard. All these metrics can be seen in the Fitbit app, which still has the best app interface for health and wellness tracking. Fitbit has recently enabled a pulse oximeter on Charge 3, allowing people to track blood oxygen levels at bedtime.

The wearable also has a handy auto-stop feature that stops your exercise when you encounter it at an intersection or you have to tie your shoe. It also uses new goal-based exercise modes that track how far or how long you need to go to set a goal and complete it. On the smart notification side, Charge 3 can receive and respond to text messages, answer or reject calls and even receive social media and email notifications. It is close to a smartwatch, which you can get in a fitness band form.

Samsung Galaxy Fit

Samsung’s Galaxy Fit comes in second place in our list of best fitness trackers. It is an excellent choice for the casual athlete looking for a reliable tracker. The first thing you notice is the Fit’s vivid and colorful 0.95-inch AMOLED display. Although the use of colors in small, gorilla glass-encashed screens makes it easier to distinguish between metrics when you are exercising.

Fitness tracking is another highlight of the Galaxy Fit. There are over 90 different workouts that you can add to the clock and six that you can track automatically. This allows you to start the exercise without fussing with the clock and shows you the necessary data, such as distance, speed, and elapsed time. We also appreciate inaction reminders that slowly remind us to get out of our chair and spend some time.

Priced under Rs. 8990, the Samsung Galaxy Fit is not only the best fitness wearable for Android users; It is one of the best values ​​in the currently available fitness wearable.

Apple Watch Series 5

This comes in third place in our best fitness trackers list. For iPhone owners who have money to spend, there’s no question that the Apple Watch Series 5 is the best full-featured fitness tracker and smartwatch available. Like the iPhone, Apple’s wearable has good support from third-party developers, with every important fitness app offering compatibility. The Watch also found a way to cleverly combine features and fashions into a single wearable device, which offers a full day’s battery life and a host of hard-to-find features on any competing device.

The main upgrade to Series 5 of the previous generation Apple Watches is now battery life and is always on display. The latest Apple Watch has a faster processor and better performance than the pre-existing Series 4. It is waterproof to 50 meters, provides support for a large number of workout types, and even reminds to stand after inactivity.

It all comes at a price. The Apple Watch Series 5 starts at Rs. 43900 and goes up from there depending on the size, style of the band and inclusion of cellular connectivity. For those who already live in Apple’s ecosystem, this is another extension of the platform that offers versatility and convenience in a stylish package.

Fitbit Ace 2

Fitbit named it with their child’s fitness tracker, Ace 2. The tracker has a soft band that fits comfortably on a child’s wrist and is adjustable to accommodate different sizes. The band is available in both Night Sky and Neon Yellow or Watermelon Teal and can be changed if it breaks or if your child wants a different color. Ace 2 is also waterproof up to 50 meters, a feature for children who like to jump in the pool, pond or sea.

The tracker has a child-friendly interface that tracks steps, active minutes, and sleep. You can choose between many different watch faces, from a simple digital watch face to animated faces that change as the child’s fitness goal is reached. Spacecraft animation was a favorite among my children. The clock has multiple data screens that show the daily step count and active minutes. These real-time statistics allow children to track how much they move through the day and see if they are close to reaching their goals. At night, children can get reminders to go to bed and see how long they slept each night.

The watch partner syncs to the Fitbit app, using either a parent’s device or a child’s mobile device. The dashboard is optimized for children with an easy interface that displays child statistics with little social features. Children can see messages from parent-approved friends but have no connection with Facebook or any other social network. If the child has a phone, the clock can be configured to receive messages from these trusted contacts.

Fitbit Inspire HR

If you are looking for a budget fitness tracker, this Rs.10000 Fitbit Inspire is ideal – few fitness bands on the market offer the same basic features at this price. It is one step above other affordable fitness bands with limited tracking and a simplified performance. Talking about the display, it is the perfect size for a stylish device. It is large enough to allow you to see incoming alerts and exercise statistics but small enough to not look too big on your wrist.

It is a great wearable that helps improve your fitness with a great look on your wrist. The tracker is so compact and lightweight that you barely feel it on your wrist. It has a clean, round shape that is a refreshing change from Fitbit’s old boxed designs. The Inspire model also uses the Fitbit’s quick-change band, allowing you to change the look of the device in an instant. Want to go out to dinner? There is no problem. Just swap out the sports band for the classic mesh metal band before heading out of town.

Fitbit launched the Inspire as a series that includes both entry-level Inspire and Inspire HR. The most important difference between the Inspire and Inspire HR is the wrist-based heart rate monitor on the HR model.

You can explore more fitness trackers at various sites like Amazon.

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