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Camscanner Alternative searches are high in demand today. The Indian government has banned 59 Chinese mobile apps keeping national security in mind. These include the most popular app cam scanner. It is possible that you will also be using this mobile app. Today we will tell you about some special mobile apps, which you can use as an alternative to cam scanners. However, you may have to spend a little money to use premium features. So let’s know about the Camscanner Alternative document scanning app.

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Camscanner Alternative Adobe scan

You can use Adobe scan app instead of cam scanner. You will get many features in this app, through which you will be able to scan your required documents. However, you will need to create an account to use this app.

  • With the free mobile scanner app, you can scan anything.
  • Scan anything accurately with this mobile PDF scanner app. Advanced imaging technology automatically detects your documents for limitations, speeds up scanned content, and recognizes text (OCR).
  • Touch scan of photos and documents with your camera roll. Whether it’s a PDF or a photo, you can preview, rearrange, crop, rotate, and adjust the colour.
  • Convert your photo scans into a high-quality Adobe PDF document that unlocks content through Automatic Text Recognition (OCR). You can reuse content after scanning PDF documents for OCR. Bulk pages can be digitized faster using this as a book scanner!
  • The Adobe Scan Scanning app can be used as a library book scanner or business receipt scanner, and can even scan multi-page documents and save them with a single touch.
  • Adobe Scan to PDF Scanner makes any content scalable and reusable. Free, built-in optical character recognition (OCR) lets you reuse scanned content by creating high-quality PDF files that you can work within Adobe Acrobat Reader. Even turn Adobe Scan into a tax receipt scanner so you can easily discover expenses.
  • Remove and edit blemishes, remove smudges, marks, scarcity, even handwriting.
  • This powerful scanning application automatically finds documents and receipts on your photos and converts them into PDF scans, so you don’t have to do that. Automatic OCR transforms text into content that you can edit, resize, and reuse documents. Do you have a lot of expenses? The business receipt scanner will help you link all of your expenses.

Microsoft Office Lens

Microsoft Office Lens is one of the great apps. Through this app, you can scan your required documents. Apart from this, you will get the facility to create files in this app. At the same time, the size of this app depends on different devices.

  • Office Lens do enhances, and reads images from documents and convert images to PDF, Word and PowerPoint files can and upload all your notes, papers and documents.
  • Increase productivity in your business by using an office lens to capture and share ideas. Capture the whiteboard at the end of the meeting and keep those action items on the go. Share the notes from the OneNote meeting with your colleagues.
  • Keep your business network contacts safe. Scan the business card and save your contact list and information to OneNote.
  • Scan printed documents and save them in Word and OneNote so you can then edit and annotate them.
  • Never miss a second receipt. Scan into OneNote and use their powerful search to find them.
  • Scan teacher flyers and write them down in Word and OneNote.
  • Take a picture of the board or whiteboard for later reference, even if you are offline.
  • Keep class notes and your own research organized. OneNote Search lets you quickly find everything to try.

Google drive

You can use Google Drive app as an alternative to cam scanner. In the Google Drive app, you can scan and keep your important documents. However, in this app, you will get slightly fewer features than other apps.

With Drive, you can:

  • Store the files securely and access them from anywhere.
  • Search files by the name and contents.
  • Easily share your files with others.
  • Quickly view the content.
  • You can set the access level for who can see.
  • View file and activity details.
  • View files offline.
  • Use your device’s camera to scan the paper documents.
  • Also, Access images or videos with Google Photos.

Clear scan

In the clear scan app, you will find features like cam scanner app. You will be able to create files through this app. Apart from this, you will get the facility to scan documents. Overall, this app is best for you. The size of this app is 17 MB.

  • Automatic document edge detection and perspective correction
  • Extremely fast processing
  • Professional-quality results with various filter options: photo, document, clear, colour or black and white
  • Folders and subfolders, you can easily manage your files and folders to better organize your documents.
  • Document naming, in-app storage, and search or add or delete an entire page or document
  • Reorder the page after adding or removing
  • Set the page size for PDF (Letter, Legal, A4 and more)
  • Specific pages of specific email or complete documents
  • Print PDF files through Cloud Print
  • Open PDF or JPEG in other apps like Dropbox, OneDrive, SkyDrive, Google Drive, Evernote, etc. to send clouds.
  • Delete texts from CR image OCR, transfer images to texts so you can search, edit or share
  • Clear Scanner is the best scanning application with smooth work that saves a lot of time and money. So now get this amazing free mini pocket scanner app on your smartphone and scan from anywhere in the world and send the scanned image to anyone anywhere

Camscanner Alternative Document Scanner

You can use this American app as an alternative to cam scanners. In this app, you will get electronic signature feature, pin protection and basic document editing feature. At the same time, this app size is 140 MB.

  • Download the document scanner app for free so your smartphone can become a fast file scanner. You can also share these scanned documents through other social networks.
  • With the scanner application, you can convert photos to PDF, PNG and JPEG files and you can also edit the file after saving it.
  • Document Scanner: Free PDF and image-to-text scanning app can scan any kind of paper, receipts, book pages, articles, business cards and class notes so you can easily manage your Power scanned documents.
  • A clear scanner app is a free camera scan with good quality PDF and PNG output. The Fast Scanner application can explicitly scan documents and save PDF files and share them through various file sharing applications.
  • Extract text from photo OCR scanner application, you can convert the image into text so you can edit, search and share the text in other applications.
  • An image scanner can automatically detect the specific part of the document you want to scan. For the best image quality. You can also add multiple filters for a document manager while scanning a document.
  • You can add any signature to print documents or written documents in different sizes.

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