Battlegrounds Mobile India release date is tipped. About a week after Krafton Inc. announced that PUBG Mobile would launch in India under a new name: Battleground Mobile India. Various reports claimed that the company would introduce the game in the next month i.e. June 2021. While an official announcement on this is still expected, PUBG mobile commentator and influencer Ocean Sharma, while talking to SportsKeeda, claimed that Battleground Mobile could be launched in India in June. He did not disclose the actual date, but did reveal that the trailer for the long-awaited game will be released on 31 May.

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Battlegrounds Mobile India Release Date

At the time of the announcement of Battleground Mobile India last week, Krafton confirmed that the game would be available for pre-registration soon. According to the company, the game will provide a amazing multiplayer gaming experience on the mobile devices.

The game developer says that Battleground Mobile India will experience AAA multiplayer games on mobile devices. While there is no concrete information on this front, everyone expects a Battle Royal game from Battleground Mobile India.

Battlegrounds Mobile India Release Date
Image Source: Battlegrounds Mobile India

User Data Storage

According to the Government of India, PUBG was able to steal the data of Indian users, could misuse it and hence was a really threat to national security. Well, Battleground India will reportedly store user data on servers located in the country. This should end the government’s worry.

Policy For Under 18

The South Korean game developer had also released various details, including privacy policy, limitations in terms of the duration of the game, maximum daily spending limit, parental consent and so on. Players under the age of 18 will be required parental consent. Also, they cannot play the game for more than 3 hours a day. Apart from this, the company has also limited the maximum spending limit for younger users, according to which they cannot make in-app purchases for more than Rs 7,000.

On social media, many PUBG fans have also expressed their views on the release date but the actual date is still not confirmed.

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