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  • Battleground Mobile India has been announced in the country.
  • India is expected to be a modified version of PUBG Mobile with distinctive features
  • Battleground Mobile India expected to launch soon

PUBG Mobile was banned in India few months before. However, PUBG Mobile is reintroduced as Battlegrounds Mobile India in the Indian market. The game’s developer Krafton claims that Battleground Mobile India follows all government regulations to legalize it in the country. While the release date for Battleground Mobile India is still unknown. If you are excited about the launch of Battleground Mobile India, here is all you need to know about the game.

Battleground Mobile India Launch Date

Krafton has so far announced a release date for Battleground Mobile India (meaning when it will be available for download). Krafton has announced that Battleground Mobile India will launch as a free game in the country. This means that you will not have to pay to play.

Battlegrounds Mobile India Features

In the press release, Krafton has revealed that Battleground Mobile India will have features specific to the Indian market. The game developer says that the game will have in-game events, outfits, tournaments and leagues to make it more interesting for the people of the country.

Previous reports have reported that Battlegrounds Mobile India will have a fully dressed avatar opposite PUBG, where you are semi-naked in sports. It seems that the game developer Battleground will go for these examples to make Mobile India more suitable for people in the country or for example to make the game more cultural.

Battlegrounds Mobile India
Image source : Battlegrounds Mobile India

According to online reports, another change that Battleground Mobile India will bring compared to PUBG Mobile is that there will be no bloodshed. Instead, you will see a green liquid when you kill one. PUBG Mobile has become quite popular with young Indians under 18, who should not witness violence / bloodshed. Since PUBG Mobile had a lot of violent scenes, it was a major concern for Indian parents.

The game developer says that Battlegrounds Mobile India will experience AAA multiplayer gaming on mobile devices. While there is no concrete information on this front, everyone expects that Battleground Mobile India will be a Battle Royal game.

User data will be stored in India

According to the Government of India, PUBG was able to steal / misuse the data of Indian users and thus was a threat to national security. Well, according to reports, Battleground India will store user data on servers located in the country. This should remove the concern of the government.

You cannot play with players from outside the country.

As the name suggests, Battleground Mobile India will be exclusive to the Indian market; It will not be released in any other country. This means that you cannot play Battleground Mobile India with people from outside the country. One of the standout features of PUBG Mobile in India was its ability to play with people from all over the world as it was available all over the world. Unfortunately, this will not happen with the next title.

Battleground Mobile India Policy under 18

The official website of Battleground Mobile India reveals the privacy policies of the game. There are some restrictions for players under 18, following the privacy policy.

As per the privacy policy, Battleground Mobile India will require parental consent to play minors. The website states that individuals under the age of 18 must enter the parents ‘or guardians’ mobile phone numbers to verify parental consent.

Additionally, Battleground Mobile India will not allow minors to play the game for more than three hours per day. This can be huge for those who like long gaming sessions. They are not everything. People below 18 years of age will not be able to spend more than Rs 7,000 on in-app purchases at Battleground Mobile India.

1. Is Battleground Mobile India is PUBG?

Battlegrounds Mobile India going to launch soon. This game can be played in India Only. It is basically a PUBG Mobile game and renamed as Battleground Mobile India in a new form designed specially for the country.

2. Which Country made PUBG?

PUBG PC is a Korean game. The game was developed for PC by PUBG Corporation, a subsidiary of Bluehole, a Korean game developer. The Korean developer partnered with Tencent which is China’s largest game company, to enter the Chinese gaming market.
However, the game is not of Chinese origin as the game was created by Bluehole, a Korean game company. Tencent has a 10 percent stake in Bluehole.

3. When Battlegrounds Mobile India will launch in India?

As per reports, the Battlegrounds Mobile India will launch soon. One can expect in last week of May 2021.

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