Android 12 vs Apple iOS 15: Here we tell you the characteristics and specifications of both operating systems, how these operating system work.

Android 12 vs Apple iOS 15


  • Many features are present in iOS 15
  • Android 12 also made very powerful
  • They are both giving each other tough competition

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Android 12 vs Apple iOS 15
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Android 12 vs Apple iOS 15

Apple recently updated iOS 15 at WWDC 21. After its arrival, there will be many major changes to the iPhone. This time around, Apple has paid a lot of attention to privacy and personalization when solving the notification problem. Although this is not a big change like the previous iOS 14 operating system, there is a lot of news for users.

Similarly, Android 12 is also talked about the same. Google’s annual update to Android saw massive changes like iOS 14 last year. The change can be clearly seen in the Pixel that Google is bringing to the Android platform. Google has added a lot to the operating system and also increased its privacy policies. In general, there are many new features in Android 12. Here we tell you which operating system offers you more functions.

What’s special in iOS 15

This time around, the interface is generally the same, except for the new fixed wallpaper and redesigned notifications. This year Apple has worked on notifications. Now users can split the notifications into different profiles like DND, Driving, Work, Home. In this, if you select someone, iOS will send notifications only from those apps. Those that are not necessary, your notifications will not be seen and all notifications will also be able to be seen simultaneously. This time, the notification UI is similar to that of Android.

iOS 15 Focus on Notifications

This time the focus is a lot on notifications. This time it’s like Android, where you have more control over your phone. If you enable DND, users who send you messages in iMessage will get information about your DND status. Apart from this, there have been many changes to FaceTime such as background noise reduction, portrait mode effect in video calls and grid view in group calls etc. Apart from this, Android users can also make FaceTime calls with FaceTime link via web browser.

This time, the search bar is at the bottom, from which you can switch to the next one. Now the camera can scan text from photos to copy to other applications or save as notes. Spotlight Search now displays the photos and web information that interest you. Siri can also be used offline. Lastly, when it comes to privacy, now all the apps you have installed will tell you where your data is kept and how you can track it.

The iOS 15 update will apply to all new models starting from iPhone 6S models, including iPhone 7 series, iPhone 8 series, iPhone X, iPhone XS series, iPhone XR, iPhone 11 series, iPhone series iPhone 12, iPhone SE, iPhone SE 2020 and 7th generation iPod..

What’s special about Android 12

This time in Android 12, the focus was mainly on privacy. Android has also paid a lot of attention to the design issue this time. This year, Android 12 looks unlike any other custom skin. It has a large number of widgets and a great notification tone. Now, on the lock screen, AOD and the home screen, the colors of the phone wallpaper will create the basis of new colors. This time, many themes will be color-based rather than dark and light. At the same time, design theme will be limited to Pixel. This time, the notification tone will give easy access to Google Pay and Home controls. This time the Google Assistant can be accessed by pressing the power button twice.

This time, Google will run faster than Android 12. In this update, CPU time is going to reduced by 22% and the new animation experience will take a amazing different level. Android TV Remote is now configured by default on the system. Now the Chrome browser will inform you about the weak passwords and the Google Assistant will advise you to change them immediately.

Android 12 Privacy

Thanks to Android 12, this time privacy will go to another level. Like iOS 15, a new Privacy Dashboard app has been provided that checks which app is using personal data through sensors. The privacy indicators will inform users about access to the device’s sensors while using the application.

The Android 12 update will work on the Pixel 3, Pixel 3a, Pixel 4, Pixel 4a and Pixel 5 series. Other than this, it is up to Android partners which devices they bring to support Android 12. OnePlus, Xiaomi, Asus, Oppo and Realme are to name a few of the great players participating in the beta.

I hope this guide of Android 12 vs Apple iOS 15, was helpful for you. If you have any queries, kindly comment down below.

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