Android 12 features have got leaked in a video posted by Jon Prosser on Front Page Tech Channel.


  • Android UI will get a new UI with theme support
  • Upcoming Android 12 Features Leaked
  • The new operating system will have clock and weather visit redesigns
Android 12 Features
Image Source: Front Page Tech

Android 12 might Release on Google I/O 2021

There are just a few days until the Google I/O 2021 event. This annual Google Android developer event will take place virtually on May 18 this year. Google might launch Android 12, the next version of Android at this event. But before the developer event, important details of Google’s upcoming mobile operating system were leaked.

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Android 12 might be More Secure

Tipster Jon Prosser has posted a video, revealing that Google will announce Android 12 at this event. With the upcoming Android update, there will be a big change in Google’s operating system. The leaked slide also showed that Google’s approach is to provide better protection of privacy and security. Jon from Front Page Tech has posted photos in which he claims the new operating system will have a beautiful new experience and great privacy with security protection. With the help of Google’s upcoming mobile operating system, you will be able to better run all your devices together.

Android 12 Features

New changes to the user interface can also be seen on a slide. The slide has a new media widget, a battery saver switch, and a redesigned brightness level slider. A redesigned clock and weather widget has also been revealed from the leaked photos.

The information leaked earlier revealed that Google will also launch a new conversion highlight visit. Features like the stack notification panel and manual setting of group notifications can be seen in the videos shared by Jon.

Apart from this, there are also updated keyboards, new home screens with a big clock in the middle. In the upper left corner, when the device is unlocked, you will also see the number of unclassified notifications in the new operating system.

An earlier report revealed that the Google Android clipboard will bring the Axis Prompt feature. This feature is now available on iOS 14. More information on Android 12 can be found on Google I/O on May 18.

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