Amazon Quiz Answers Win Today 14 June 2021 Win 25000 Pay Balance (Updated)

Amazon quiz answers win today for 14 June 2021. You can Win 25000 Pay Balance by answering all five questions. As we know, Amazon daily quiz is going on and users can win prizes by giving all the answers correctly. The prizes include many products and Amazon pay balance.

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The quiz can be played only on the Amazon App.

Amazon Quiz for 14 June 2021 is live now. Users can Win 25000 Pay Balance by giving all the answers correctly. Check the questions below and answer them on the Amazon app to Win 25000 Pay Balance.

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Amazon Quiz Information

Amazon Quiz Answers Win Today 14 June 2021

Q1: With which medicine company has India’s DRDO collaborated to develop the 2DG drug for treatment of COVID-19?

Answer: (A) Dr Reddy’s

Q2: What name was given to the most famous rock formation in the Galapagos Islands that has recently collapsed into the sea?

Answer: (D) Darwin’s Arch

Q3: As of May 2021, Ole Gunnar Solskjaer, a former Norweigian player, is the current manager of which EPL club?

Answer: (B) Manchester United

Q4: Called Hanboks, these are the traditional clothes worn by the people of which Asian county?

Answer: (C) South Korea

Q5: Which legendary hero from Switzerland was made to shoot an arrow at this fruit balanced on his son’s head?

Answer: (A) William Tell

Amazon Quiz Answers Win Today 13 June 2021

Q1: If the first was ‘Inkheart’ and the second was ‘Inkspell’, then what is the third in the trilogy?

Answer: (A) Inkdeath

Q2: Which of the following has been given the name ‘Tauktae’ by Myanmar, which means ‘gecko’?

Answer: (D) A cyclone

Q3: Which artist’s painting titled “Painting for Saints” as a tribute to the NHS and healthcare workers, recently auctioned for £14.4m?

Answer: (B) Banksy

Q4: This animal became famous across the world with the release of which animated film in 2005?

Answer: (D) Madagascar

Q5: Identify the festival from this picture.

Answer: (A) Burning Man

Amazon Quiz Answers Win Today 12 June 2021

Q1: Who has recently been crowned Miss Universe 2020?

Answer: (A) Andrea Meza

Q2: Which country has recently sent its first-ever Mars rover to the red planet, landing it in May 2021?

Answer: (B) China

Q3: Which re-recorded album by Taylor Swift was released in April 2021, and went on to become No. 1 in the US?

Answer: (C) Fearless

Q4: Identify this dance form that takes two people to do, as per an English proverb.

Answer: (A) Tango

Q5: Often called Korean sushi, name this dish.

Answer: (D) Kimbap

Amazon Quiz Answers Win Today 11 June 2021

Q1: National Anti-Terrorism Day is observed every year on 21st May on whose death anniversary?

Answer: (D) Rajiv Gandhi

Q2: Which auto major has launched Ioniq, its e-vehicle brand with the first model named ‘5’?

Answer: (B) Hyundai

Q3: Which team was the first in IPL 2021 to have players testing positive, finally leading to the suspension of the season?

Answer: (A) KKR

Q4: With which festival do we connect decorative chocolate eggs like these?

Answer: (D) Easter

Q5: Which mythical country in South America was believed to be rich in this material?

Answer: (C) El Dorado

Amazon Quiz Answers Win Today 10 June 2021

Q1: Which cricket team is India going to play in the finals of the first-ever World Test Championships?

Answer: (B) New Zealand

Q2: Which pop singer collaborated with Lady Gaga on the hit pop single ‘Rain On Me’?

Answer: (C) Ariana Grande

Q3: The world’s largest jeweller, Pandora, announced that it will stop using naturally sourced what, in order to become carbon neutral by 2025?

Answer: (B) Diamonds

Q4: Also known as the Master of this martial art, who is the latest Marvel superhero who will hit the big screens later in 2021?

Answer: (A) Shang-Chi

Q5: Which company is giving away these items for free to people in the USA who show they’ve received a COVID-19 vaccine?

Answer: (D) Krispy Kreme

Amazon Quiz Answers Win Today 09 June 2021

Q1: FirstRand Bank, which recently exited India, is from which country?

Answer: (A) South Africa

Q2: Complete the title of this recently released book by Peggy Mohan: “Wanderers, Kings, Merchants: The Story of India through Its __________”?

Answer: (B) Languages

Q3: Name India’s flagship equity index that completed 25 years of its journey in April 2021.

Answer: (C) Nifty50

Q4: Which of these actors has NOT played the role of this superhero in movies?

Answer: (A) Ryan Reynolds

Q5: Which Greco-Roman hero was told by Eurystheus at this place to perform 12 Great Labours?

Answer: (D) Hercules

Amazon Quiz Answers Win Today 08 June 2021

Q1: Which international organisation recently released the global Review of Death Penalty?

Answer: (A) Amnesty International

Q2: Rumana Sinha Sehgal won the World Humanitarian Award 2021 named after which famous personality?

Answer: (B) Nelson Mandela

Q3: Which company has launched a $250 million venture fund for India— Smbhav Venture Fund?

Answer: (D) Amazon

Q4: The name of this animal derives from the Malay word pengguling, meaning what?

Answer: (C) Something that rolls up

Q5: According to Greek myths, who stole this from the heavens and brought it to Earth?

Answer: (A) Prometheus

Amazon Quiz Answers Win Today 07 June 2021

Q1: The first unit of the indigenously built ALH Mk III aircraft was recently commissioned into which of these forces?

Answer: (D) Indian Navy

Q2: The government of UK is exploring the possibility of creating which new digital currency?

Answer: (B) BritCoin

Q3: Charles Geschke, Adobe’s co-founder who passed away recently, aided the development of which widely used technology?

Answer: (C) PDF

Q4: Which of these is NOT true about this country?

Answer: (D) Largest country by area

Q5: Identify this fish-eating mammal.

Answer: (A) Otter

Amazon Quiz Answers Win Today 06 June 2021

Q1: In April 2021, Priyanka Mohite from Maharashtra became the first Indian woman climber to scale which mountain?

Answer: (B) Annapurna

Q2: Natanz nuclear site is located in which country?

Answer: (A) Iran

Q3: Which global tech giant announced the acquisition of AI-based technology company Nuance Communications for $19.7 billion?

Answer: (C) Microsoft

Q4: This picture shows which of the following?

Answer: (D) The longest river

Q5: Name this member of the Giraffe family.

Answer: (D) Okapi

Amazon Quiz Answers

Amazon Quiz Answers Win Today 05 June 2021

Q1: Every year, 18th April is celebrated as ‘International Day for Monuments and Sites’ which is also known as what?

Answer: (D) World Heritage day

Q2: Vera Gedrowitz, who was recently honored by a Google Doodle, was the first woman military surgeon in which country?

Answer: (C) Russia

Q3: M. Narasimham, who recently passed away, was known as the father of which of the following?

Answer: (B) Indian banking reforms

Q4: Where was this picture taken?

Answer: (A) Everest Base Camp

Q5: This is the biggest fish. Name it.

Answer: (B) Whale Shark

Amazon Quiz Answers Win Today 04 June 2021

Q1: Widely in news, what medical condition describes an absence of enough oxygen in the tissues to sustain bodily functions?

Answer: (A) Hypoxia

Q2: Miguel Díaz-Canel is serving as the first secretary of the Communist Party in which country since 2021?

Answer: (B) Cuba

Q3: ISRO is going to execute the Lunar Polar Exploration Mission (LUPEX) with which other space agency?

Answer: (C) JAXA

Q4: With respect to the solar system, what is NOT true about this planet?

Answer: (D) It is the coldest planet

Q5: This is a picture of what?

Answer: (D) Tallest grass

Amazon Quiz Answers Win Today 03 June 2021

Q1: Which ministry was responsible for the ’40th Indian Scientific Expedition to Antarctica’?

Answer: (D) Ministry of Earth Sciences

Q2: Which of these is an upcoming children’s book written by JK Rowling?

Answer: (A) The Christmas Pig

Q3: Which country is known for their Hellenic Air Force?

Answer: (B) Greece

Q4: Name this famous monument

Answer: (A) Hagia Sophia

Q5: This is the ______ planet in the solar system. Fill in the blanks

Answer: (D) Hottest

Amazon Quiz Answers Win Today 02 June 2021

Q1: What is the name given to the roadmap for implementation of National Education Policy for the next 10 years in India?

Answer: (A) SARTHAQ

Q2: Stefanos Tsitsipas, the youngest player ranked in the top 10 in the ATP rankings, is from which country?

Answer: (B) Greece

Q3: Marwa Elselehdar, who was in the news recently, is Egypt’s first female what ?

Answer: (C) Ship captain

Q4: Who was the first actor to play this character in a live-action movie?

Answer: (B) Nicholas Hammond

Q5: What is true about this lake located in Russia?

Answer: (D) Deepest freshwater lake

Amazon Quiz Answers Win Today 01 June 2021

Q1: Released in May 2021, ‘Believe – What Life and Cricket Taught Me’ is the autobiography of which Indian cricketer?

Answer: (C) Suresh Raina

Q2: In April 2021, which country became the first to bring in a law forcing its financial firms to report on the effects of climate change?

Answer: (D) New Zealand

Q3: President Biden has announced withdrawal of all American troops from which country by Sept 11, 2021?

Answer: (D) Afghanistan

Q4: This is an an all-electric car made by which world-famous automobile manufacturer?

Answer: (B) Porsche

Q5: Identify this variety of mushroom.

Answer: (A) Shitake

Amazon Quiz Answers Win Today 31 May 2021

Q1: Which of the following government bodies have recently launched the ‘National Nursery Portal’?

Answer: (A) National Horticulture Board

Q2: Germany has recently pledged to return the Benin Bronzes, a group of historical objects, to which African country?

Answer: (A) Nigeria

Q3: The ACM AM Turing Award is often referred to as the “Nobel Prize” of what?

Answer: (B) Computing

Q4: This animal is nearly undetectable by which of these, due to their transparent fur?

Answer: (B) Infrared cameras

Q5: What was James Christie’s profession?

Answer: (C) Auctioneer

Amazon Quiz Answers Win Today 30 May 2021

Q1: INS Nireekshak, which was recently in news, is what type of vessel used by the Indian Navy?

Answer: (A) Diving Support Vessel

Q2: Which country has announced that it would send rover ‘Rashid’ to the Moon in 2022?

Answer: (B) UAE

Q3: In 2021, who fell from the Forbes list of the top 5 richest people in the world for the first time since 1993?

Answer: (C) Warren Buffett

Q4: The last of this bird was seen in the 17th century in which country?

Answer: (D) Mauritius

Q5: In 1983, who left this company due to a diminishing interest in the day-day running of the company?

Answer: (A) Steve Wozniak

Amazon Quiz Answers Win Today 29 May 2021

Question 1:- National Cyber Crime Reporting Portal is managed by which of these Indian ministries?

Answer 1:- Ministry of Home Affairs

Question 2:- On International Womens Day 2021, which statue was surrounded by shards of broken glass to represent the smashing of the glass ceiling?

Answer 2:- Fearless Girl, Wall Street

Question 3:- In April 2021, who became the number one ODI batsman in ICC ODI rankings?

Answer 3:- Babar Azam

Question 4:- This is the baby of which animal?

Answer 4:- Ostrich

Question 5:- This object was invented by which English philosopher in 1250?

Answer 5:- Roger Bacon

Amazon Quiz Answers Win Today 28 May 2021

Q1: Which Indian sportsperson has been chosen for the inaugural edition of the Chhattisgarh Veerni Award?

Answer: (D) Dutee Chand

Q2: Guillermo Lasso has been elected as the new president of which South American country?

Answer: (C) Ecuador

Q3: Billionaire Olivier Dassault, who passed away recently, was a Member of Parliament in which country?

Answer: (B) France

Q4: How many legs does this animal have?

Answer: (A) 10

Q5: In which Marvel movie do we see this character for the first time?

Answer: (B) Guardians of the Galaxy

Amazon Quiz Answers Win Today 27 May 2021

Q1: What does ‘V’ stand for in NEGVAC, a high level expert committee set up by the government of India?

Answer: (A) Vaccine

Q2: Name the farthest Gamma-ray emitting active galaxy recently discovered by Indian scientists?

Answer: (B) Narrow-Line Seyfert 1

Q3: According to a 2021 report by Swiss private banker Julius Baer, which Asian city is the most expensive place to live in the world?

Answer: (C) Shanghai

Q4: Most of these animals weigh less than the tongue of which animal?

Answer: (D) Blue whale

Q5: Identify the culivation technique.

Answer: (B) Bonsai

Amazon Quiz Answers Win Today 26 May 2021

Q1: Tika Utsav,’ a four day festival launched on the birth anniversary of Jyotiba Phule, is associated with which of the following?

Answer: (D) Vaccination

Q2: Which of these 2021 tropical cyclones caused widespread damage in Western Australia?

Answer: (C) Cyclone Seroja

Q3: Known as “Queen of the Nurburgring” Sabine Schmitz, who passed away recently, was a high-profile competitor in which sport?

Answer: (C) Auto racing

Q4: To help them watch over broad, flat grazing areas, this animal’s pupils come in what shape?

Answer: (B) Rectangular

Q5: This picture is taken in which country?

Answer: (C) France

Amazon Quiz Answers Win Today 25 May 2021

Q1: Indian government has launched a gamified app called ‘Little Guru’ that enables the user to learn which language

Answer: (A) Sanskrit

Q2: Chloe Zhao became only the second woman, and the first woman of colour, to win the BAFTA for best director for which film?

Answer: (B) Nomadland

Q3: What day is celebrated on April 10 every year on the birth anniversary of German physician Dr Christian Friedrich Samuel Hahnemann?

Answer: (C) World Homeopathy Day

Q4: The shape of this famous building in Moscow is similar to the shape of what?

Answer: (A) DNA

Q5: What is the collective noun used for a group of these birds?

Answer: (D) Rafter

Amazon Quiz Answers Win Today 24 May 2021

Q1: You can use Alexa to discover funzone, if you have a phone with which of these operating systems?

Answer:  A) Android

Q2: Indian recently gifted the patrol vessel “PS Zoroaster” to which island nation?

Answer:  B) Seychelles

Q3: Which of these Bollywood actors has been made the brand ambassador for Punjab’s anti-coronavirus vaccination programme?

Answer:  A) Sonu Sood

Q4: In April 2021, archaeologists discovered ‘The Rise of Aten’, a 3000-year-old lost city near the Valley of the Kings, in which country?

Answer:  C) Egypt

Q5: What was this popular cube originally called?

Answer:  A) Magic Cube

Q6: This instrument has how many pedals to enhance sound at its base?

Answer:  B) Three

Amazon Quiz Answers Win Today 23 May 2021

Question 1:- A valid phrase to open the jackpot page using Alexa is ‘_ to jackpot page’ . Fill in the blanks

Answer 1:- navigate

Question 2:- Central Mine Planning and Design Institute recently got permission for drone usage to survey which of the following?

Answer 2:- Coal Fields

Question 3:- Who among these passed away on the morning of 9 April 2021, two months before his 100th birthday?

Answer 3:- Prince Philip

Question 4:- How do we better know HD 209458 b, the first-ever planet that astronomers spotted beyond the reaches of Earth’s solar system?

Answer 4:- Osiris

Question 5:- The main character battles this King based on this animal in what famous ballet?

Answer 5:- Nutcracker

Question 6:- What is another name for the spots pattern this woman is wearing?

Answer 6:- Polka Dots

Amazon Quiz Answers Win Today 22 May 2021

Question 1: One of the valid phrases to open the quiz page through Alexa is ‘_____ quiz page’ . Fill in the blanks

Answer : Today’s

Question 2: IH2A is an industry coalition of global and Indian companies focused on building a supply chain for what in India?

Answer : Hydrogen

Question 3: Who among these is recognized as India’s first female cricket commentator?

Answer : Chandra Naidu

Question 4: The three-banded rosefinch is a new bird species discovered in India. In which state was this rare bird sighted in 2021?

Answer : Arunachal Pradesh

Question 5: These shoes are used in what form of dance?

Answer : Ballet

Question 6: The Egyptian God for this is named what?

Answer : Ra

Amazon Quiz Answers Win Today 21 May 2021

Q1: Which of these phrases can you NOT use on Alexa to go to the spin and win page?

Answer 1: (B) roll spin and win page

Q2: Which of the following was recently set up by National Bee Board for easy traceability of the source of Honey?

Answer 2: (B) Madhu kranti Portal

Q3: On the occassion of its 100th anniversary, The Royal Australian Air Force announced it would replace the term “airmen” with what?

Answer 3: (C) Aviators

Q4: In April 2021, Nguyen Xuan Phuc was sworn in as the president of which Asian country?

Answer 4: (A) Vietnam

Q5: This item in the Harry Potter stories, is associated with the freeing of which of these characters?

Answer 5: (B) Dobby

Q6: Now a plumber, what was the original profession of this videogame character?

Answer 6: (A) Carpenter

Amazon Quiz Answers Win Today 20 May 2021

Q1: Which of these phrases can you use on Alexa to move to the funzone page?

Answer 1: (D) show me fun zone page

Q2: This day was first celebrated on May 10, 1998 in Mumbai. Arranged by Dr Madan Kataria, name this day celebrated on the 1st Sunday of May

Answer 2: (A) World Laughter Day

Q3: Isamu Akasaki, the Japanese engineer who passed away recently, won the Nobel Prize in physics for inventing what?

Answer 3: (C) Blue LED

Q4: In April 2021, which of these was formally closed by the Indian Army after 132 years of service?

Answer 4: (B) Military Farms

Q5: Men first wore these to ride what animal?

Answer 5: (B) Horses

Q6: What does this color not usually represent?

Answer 6: (A) Jealousy

Amazon Quiz Answers Win Today 19 May 2021

Question 1– Which of these phrases can you use on Alexa to take you to the games page?

Answer : All of these

Question 2– Indian Army’s Lieutenant Colonel Bharat Pannu recently broke a Guinness World Record in which of the following areas?

Answer : Fastest solo cycling

Question 3– Recently which band featured in an Amul advertisement due to their upcoming single ‘Butter’?

Answer : BTS

Question 4– Which of these countries has reportedly decided to drop out of the forthcoming Tokyo Olympics?

Answer : North Korea

Question 5– Name this animal, who was Elle Woods’ pet in Legally Blonde?

Answer : Chihuahua

Question 6– Whose soldiers discovered this famous stone written with three scripts, held in the British Museum?

Answer : Napoleon

Amazon Quiz Answers Win Today 18 May 2021

Q1: Which of these options are available under funzone?

Answer 1: (D) All of these

Q2: Nethra Kumanan recently became the first Indian woman to ever qualify for the Olympics in which sport?

Answer 2: (D) Sailing

Q3: Which of these actors recently confirmed that he would be part of the cast of Marvel’s Eternals?

Answer 3: (B) Harish Patel

Q4: Which is the first South Korean nuclear power plant built outside South Korea?

Answer 4: (D) Barakah Nuclear Power Plant

Q5: Which of these is generally poured into this object, before lighting?

Answer 5: (C) Oil

Q6: Name the famous editor-in-chief of this magazine, who was the inspiration for Miranda Priestly from The Devil Wears Prada.

Answer 6: (A) Anna Wintour

Amazon Quiz Answers Win Today 17 May 2021

Q1: You can use Alexa to discover funzone, if you have a phone with which of these operating systems?

Answer 1: (A) Android

Q2: May 1st is observed as the foundation day of Maharashtra. It is also the foundation day for which of these states?

Answer 2: (A) Gujarat

Q3: Goals from Mason Mount and Timo Werner in the 2nd leg sealed which team’s passage into their first UEFA Champions League final since 2012?

Answer 3: (B) Chelsea

Q4:Which famous person born on May 7th was the first Asian to win a Nobel Prize for Literature?

Answer 4: (B) Rabindranath Tagore

Q5: Name this musical instrument

Answer 5: (C) Saxophone

Q6: These wrinkles near the eye are commonly called what?

Answer 6: (C) Crow’s Feet

Amazon Quiz Answers Win Today 16 May 2021

Q1: A species of bacteria discovered onboard the International Space Station has been named after which Indian biodiversity scientist?

Answer 1: (D) Seyed Ajmal Khan

Q2: As per a survey conducted by Duff & Phelps, who has been ranked as the most valuable Indian celebrity for the 4th consecutive year in 2020?

Answer 2: (C) Virat Kohli

Q3: Which of these former world leaders threw a Zoom party in quarantine to celebrate his 90th birthday?

Answer 3: (B) Mikhail Gorbachev

Q4: What is the record for the most number of Grand Slam singles titles won by a male player in this sport?

Answer 4: (A) 20

Q5: When he meets his father during the ‘TIme Heist’ in Avengers: Endgame , he introduces himself by what name?

Answer 5: (D) Howard Potts

Amazon Quiz Answers Win Today 15 May 2021

Q1: Which of these institutes recently launched ‘Anandam: The Center for Happiness’?

Answer 1: (D) IIM Jammu

Q2:Lakhta Center, Europe’s tallest tower was built in which country?

Answer 2: (B) Russia

Q3: Mount Merapi, which recently erupted, is an active volcano in which country?

Answer 3: (A) Indonesia

Q4: These wrinkles near the eye are commonly called what?

Answer 4: (C) Crow’s Feet

Q5: Which two characters dropped crumbs of this in the forest and then were lured into a witch’s home?

Answer 5: (C) Hansel and Gretel

Amazon Quiz Answers Win Today 14 May 2021

Q1: Recently launched ‘Mitali Express’ connects Dhaka in Bangladesh with which Indian city?

Answer 1: (C) Siliguri

Q2: The world’s first ship tunnel is being constructed in which country?

Answer 2: (B) Norway

Q3: International Theatre Institute, the world’s largest performing arts organization founded in 1948 by UNESCO, is headquartered in which city?

Answer 3: (D) Paris

Q4: Who among these has won a gold medal in women’s singles at the Commonwealth Games in this sport?

Answer 4: (C) Manika Batra

Q5: In which country would you find this famous tourist attraction also known as the Temple of Dawn?

Answer 5: (A) Thailand

Amazon Quiz Answers Win Today 13 May 2021

Q1: Which state recently declared Amboli region in Western Ghats as a ‘Biodiversity Heritage’ site?

Answer 1: (B) Maharashtra

Q2: Which country will host the 2022 AFC Women’s Asian Cup?

Answer 2: (C) India

Q3: What is Ever Given owned by Shoei Kisen Kaisha?

Answer 3: (A) Container Ship

Q4: Name the popular chocolate spread that is created with these nuts by Ferrero.

Answer 4: (B) Nutella

Q5: Which ancient civilization worshipped this animal and depicted their Gods with them too?

Answer 5: (B) Egypt

Amazon Quiz Answers Win Today 12 May 2021

Q1: DIKSHA is a web portal from the Indian government for which of the following sectors?

Answer 1: (B) School education

Q2: Tigray crisis is a civil unrest situation happening in which country?

Answer 2: (C) Ethiopia

Q3: Which global organisation has been annually releasing World Development Report since 1978?

Answer 3: (D) World Bank

Q4: Name the candy that this American president loved so much, a holder was designed for a jar of them so they wouldn’t fall in air turbulence.

Answer 4: (A) Jelly beans

Q5: Which of these famous players has won 3 consecutive silver medals at the Olympics in this sport?

Answer 5: (B) Lee Chong Wei

Amazon Quiz Answers Win Today 11 May 2021

Q1: Vinod Kapri’s compelling book ‘1232 km: The Long Journey Home’ tells the story of which of the following group of people?

Answer 1: (B) Migrant labourers

Q2: Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced Swarna Jayanti scholarship for the youths of which neighbouring nation?

Answer 2: (D) Bangladesh

Q3: Which of these festivals involve shifting idols from Odisha to Polluru village in Andhra Pradesh?

Answer 3: (B) Manyamkonda Yatra

Q4: Name the American company that this one partnered up with in 2019 to make candy flavored coffee.

Answer 4: (B) Dunkin

Q5: What kind of instrument is this?

Answer 5: (A) String

Amazon Quiz Answers Win Today 10 May 2021

Q1: Which Indian state has released a commemorative postage stamp on 100 years of first visit of Mahatma Gandhi to the state in 1921?

Answer 1: (D) Odisha

Q2: Novelist Sharankumar Limbale was awarded which of these prizes in 2021 for his novel ‘Sanatan’?

Answer 2: (A) Saraswati Samman

Q3: Late Sultan Qaboos bin Said Al Said, who received the 2019 Gandhi Peace Prize, was the Sultan of which country?

Answer 3: (C) Oman

Q4: This famous bar , belongs to which of these groups?

Answer 4: (B) Mars

Q5: What is the name of the Taylor Swift song that has this object in the title?

Answer 5: (A) Teardrops on my Guitar

Amazon Quiz Answers Win Today 09 May 2021

Q1: Which Indian state, that shares a 510km border with Myanmar and a 318km border with Bangladesh, is currently facing a refugee crisis?

Answer 1: (B) Mizoram

Q2: Which of these celebrities was conferred with the prestigious Maharashtra Bhushan Award in 2021?

Answer 2: (D) Asha Bhosle

Q3: Since 2012, 21st March is celebrated as the International Day of what?

Answer 3: (C) Forests

Q4: Name the famous character who was this animal, created by writer A. A. Milne

Answer 4: (A) Winnie the Pooh

Q5: In the World Cup for this sport, who has scored the maximum number of goals?

Answer 5: (B) Miroslav Klose

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