Airtel Sim is Not Working

If Airtel Sim is not working on your phone, then there are many reasons for this. The list of all the possible reasons are given below and we will also see how we can solve them.

Reasons For Airtel Sim is Not Working

Possible Reasons are:

  • Sim is not inserted properly.
  • The selected network might not be available in your area.
  • If you sim is new, then please wait for a while. If , signals does not come, then contact the sim provider or visit your nearest Airtel Store.
  • The slot might got damage while inserting the sim.
  • This problem might also come, If you port your number from one network to other for example, Jio to Vodafone Idea.
  • If you upgrade your sim from 2G/3G, then this problem can also come.

Solutions For Airtel Sim is Not Working

The solution for the said problems are given below:

  • First of all, put you phone on flight mode and then make the flight mode off. Check if it works for you.
  • If Sim is not inserted properly, then remove the sim from your sim card slot and put it back and check whether the sim started working or not.
  • If it still did not work, then selected the operator manually in the settings. It might solve your problem.
  • The slot is get damaged, then get it repaired from your local mobile repair shop or the service Centre of your phone.
  • If the reason is mobile number portability, then please wait for a while and If did not work , contact local Airtel store.
  • If you have upgraded your number, then you will be given a new sim card. Use that sim in your phone.

Customer Care Number

If you need further help, you may contact Airtel Customer Care Number at 198 or you can email them at their email id.

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